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All Show and No Go


...but that's about to change !!!

I think it will be good for me to put things down and see where Ive been and look forward to where I'm heading.

In the summer of 08 I started "getting in shape" with p90x and at home programs.

Ive been doing a suto mutt program, aka - winging it. Ive stalled (duh) and am ready to dig a lot deeper and see what I'm made of. I squat in a cage first time this week (thanks German) and actually trained in a real gym today. Yea yea the little things that get me excited.

stats 45
weight 117
bf don't know/don't care

Trying to get my groove:

Squat 45/8 65/4x8
SLD 45/8 65/8 80 3x8
single leg bulg sq. raised back leg 3x12 each leg > ok I thought I went deep till i was taught "deeper" wow

circuit 1-2 min rest
walking lunge 3x8
back ext weight behind head 3x8
leg curls 3x8



Hey UpScale, im looking forward to following your log...the avi looks awesome, no need to worry about BF for you....good luck squatting!


^ Ass kisser. :slight_smile:

OP good luck.



Another of the female persuasion over here. We're the same age and close in weight. But you have breasts. Ahh, well. I can't win 'em all.

Looking forward to following your training.


Looks like a fun thread, UpScale!

Don't worry, Snapper. You've got the advantage in squat, deadlift, bench, and lifting. Whereas Upscale, judging from the avatar, has the modeling contract with Victoria's Secret.


haha...You can have my bewbs if i can OWN your squat??? do we have a deal? Congrats by the way!!


Thanks for the welcome guys...flattery will get you everywhere, or so they say.

EDIT: Cavalier...somehow that depressed me and lit a fire under my ass all at the same time!!


hello and welcome. Since the Avatars don't show up on my screen I was feeling bad for you then after reading (and rereading the posts because I am actually pretty stupid) I realized you're a woman, congrats on that by the way. Good luck and keep up the good work?


We don't allow 20-somethings in here!

Oh wait...you're 45. Carry on.


Hey Up, looking forward to seeing ya kick some butt! Avi is awesome...


how tall are you?

i empathize with the bulgarians, by the way. i don't do them (feet injuries) but yeah, the depth one can get on them is crazy hard.


Hi Alexus ,,I am 5'4 also i weighed myself (hate scales) and was 119 which I was actually happy about. i want to keep my weight UP.Ill be posting some vids, may give a better idea of where im at.Bulgarians are a secret torture treatment, Im sure of it!

Git hehe I knew I liked you for a reason. Just let me know if that sore back needs rubbing.

German I will be hating on you this afternoon, BENCH good lord, half the battle for me is getting the damn bar heights set.Yes people Im a sad case haha


Yay, Up has a workout log!

I know you will reach your goals. And you are not a sad case.

Love the new avatar!




Looking good. Welcome!


Sorry, Upscale, didn't mean to depress. Just trying to cheer up Snapper.

Brian, too bad you're not getting the avatars. I'll describe hers: imagine Sandra Bullock. In a 2 piece outfit. With muscles.


Welcome to the 'seasoned vets' home, where we aren't as good as we were once but we are as good once as we ever were.


Welcome Upscale.

A friendly warning! Make sure you don't get your pictures for SAMA and your lifting videos for here muddled up.

There's a lot of old men with 'dodgy tickers' in here.

P.S If I've worried you, just PM them to me and I will vet them, for the benefit of our more elderly residents of course.


Wait a minute, Upscale! Don't forget about Brett's high blood pressure problem. Better play it safe and have the moderator block all your pix to his browser.