All Shake Diet - My Way

Yes I too am going to attempt my version of the V-Diet, again… but only again because the first time I got ill after the 2nd day! I had the runnnns for like 2 weeks…ugh not sure if it was from this one protein brand, which I know threw away or maybe food poisoning?? from what food??

ok well Im trying again but Im definitely doing it my way, because I’m training to be on track team for spring, soo we have track 4 days a week mon-thurs, and than Ill do the V-Diet workouts on Mon, Wed, and Fri, so my calories will be more like 1200-1600, or 1400, depends if I have track,

I will drink a carb shake or Surge beforehand and than one after weights, not before though, so not that many more calories but a few more carbs…whatever still worth a try, and I will be using a different brand of protein, I will be using Surge and Flameout though…

and almond butter instead of peanut butter, and either flax seeds or hemp seeds, rotating for good measure…ok I start tomorrow, I guess I dont need to post pics yet lol…maybe later, im shy…

Don’t post here if you aren’t doing the V-diet exactly as intended.

Gene…what were your results when you did the V-Diet?

MMa…changes to the program are not necessary. It does work as intended. Hopefully the first go round was some other bug or whatever to make you ill. You’ve read the parameters and made the decision to do this, good for you. The track training, sprints? long distance? could be too intense. But work at it and see if it fits or not. Mental, mental, mental. The VDiet program is really very easy. Drink, walk, lift, repeat. 28 days. New you.

I really think that running on the V-Diet is a mistake. I attempted it a few months ago for the first time while I was dancing and I became ill around the 4th day. I also had the runs for about a week after I quit, so maybe the running was your problem and not the protein powder.