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All Rosetta Stone Languages for $150


my workout partner has a few DVD's of ALL 27 languages of rosetta stone CD's that have been burned onto one DVD that can be bought for 150.00 USD.

from what i'm told, ONE language package costs 300.00 dollars

curious if anyone on t.nation would be curious in one.

i have not personally used rosetta stone, although i know it is the go to software for the USARMY and what they issue to our soldiers.


I have used Rosetta Stone before and I think it is very good. Would your buddy be interested in burning just 1 language rather than sell all of them?


If you are going to get an illegal version of it, why not just download it for free? Either way you are screwing the creator out of their money, and at least you aren't paying for it with the downloaded version.


I'd be interested in one.


definitely curious


I wish Rosetta had a Cantonese version. Their Chinese is only Mandarin.


So you could hang out at Chinese restaurants?


I've got a few pm's from people asking me if he could do one language.

At this point I think it's just the DVD with all (27) languages on it. I'm not involved in the process. I just know that he was doing it and it sounded like a great deal I wanted to share with t.nation.

If you are interested, just PM me and we can figure something out in terms of paying. I know it'll be awkward until one person does it and confirms i'm not just sticking away the money towards bottles of Grow! lol so we'll see


I can't believe you people would pay 150 for a burned dvd, holy fuck, I should start my own website and sell pirated copies of stuff.


That sounds like a great idea.

Please let us know how that works out.


i was thinking the same thing, lol


Sarcasm in case you couldn't detect it.


this idiot has been reported to rosetta stone.


that was a dick move. How do you report someone without their name? Unless you've been in contact with the person thru PM's


Here are a few websites where you can get Rosetta stone languages... Files hosted on rapidshare

If you have problems installing Go to http://forum.mininova.org/index.php?showtopic=12993&pid=6101


Just trying to help!

Sorry Mac..lol


haha, it's all good. like i said, it's something my workout buddy is doing and just wanted to let you guys know.

curious as to how i've been 'reported', thanks though joe :stuck_out_tongue:


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