This is a message to all anti-Iraq war weenies. You know who you are (iscariot, restless, lumpy, kuri, rumbach, emckee). Look on CNN’s website. You will find that a key scientist was ordered to bury nuclear weapons plans and parts in a barrel in his backyard. We have him and these plans in our possession. Take special notice of the fact that he stated that other scientists were waiting to see how he was treated before coming forward. I LOVE BEING RIGHT!!! That is just what I predicted. Now it’s only a matter of time. Did I mention that these plans and parts weren’t disclosed to the u.n.? Remember my post that predicted that one could hide weapons and parts in a country the size of California indefinetly? Add this to the mobile weapons labs and God knows what else, and your cowardly garbage about, “Oh, Bush must have been lying” and “There was no justification for the invasion” and your yellow-bellied, “Why haven’t there been any weapons found. There must not be any.” It seems we have been right all along. No surprise that you have been wrong. Sleep well, thanks to the United States of America.


Must be nice to be always right. I guess it’s easy with a black and white view of the world.

Quite a humble retort, US. :wink:

Nonetheless, it’s pleasing to see.

If you are such a right winger why are you watching CNN?

You know its always just been a matter of time. Although this isn’t the smoking gun, it does prove even more than ever that Saddam had been playing games with the inspectors all along.

The sad fact is that there are people that actually believed this whole thing was one big poorly contrived conspiricy on the part of Bush.

So let me get it straight because it helps me to spell it all out:

On one hand we have a dictator with a documented history of chemical weapon use, documented stockpiles of such weapons by the UN as recently as 1998, and a documented history of deceiving weapons inspectors…

ok, got it so far…

…because here is the kicker, on the other hand we have Bush who obviously is attacking Iraq to avenge the unfinished job of his father while conveniently installing an oil pipeline to make his already millionaire friends who made their millions without a doctored war even richer while simultaneously cutting taxes for these rich friends and incidentally excluding the poor from these tax cuts even though they don’t pay taxes.

I see…and some friggin how Saddam’s story of not having these weapons is more believable to some people than the president of the United States?

Give me a break.

The two mobile labs are for filling weather balloons. That is their purpose. Although they CAN be converted to create chemical weapons, US inspectors have not been able to find a single trace of chemical weapons anywhere on the labs. Since it is basically impossible to completely remove any traces of anthrax or other biological weapons from apparatus like this, most people have conceded the trailers are not weapons-related. Britain sold Iraq the trailers, and in the UK it is pretty much accepted that the 2 trailers are not weapons related. If you want, I can direct you to more info on the trailers, for eaxmple they have tarps for sides, which is not secure enough to work for a chemical lab. Etc.

As far as the new discovery, lets wait and see, since every few weeks there is some dicovery that turns out to be a big bust. If Iraq has equipment that can be used in creating nuclear weapons, that does not mean they HAVE nuclear weapons or a nuclear weapons program. They need enriched Uranium or plutonium, I believe, to create a weapon. Disn’t they buy that Uranium from Niger? Oops, that was a lie.

This discovery is far from proof of anything, yet. Bush said Iraq had the “most lethal” WMD ready to go, at the time we attacked. Not the capability to make weapons sometime in the future. He said they had ACTUAL WEAPONS and posed an immediate threat, SO IMMEDIATE that we needed to halt the UN weapons inspection and attack. Bush didn’t say that the risk was from a bunch of parts that have been buried for 12 years.

So lets wait and see what this really is, okay Rambo?

This is the funniest website ever. Keep posting, you guys. I haven’t laughed this hard in years. God bless you for protecting me. I for one bow down and humbly apologize for my whole country being wrong. I’ve had a change of heart. Now I know how horrible we were to you.

ps. Sorry we burnt down your white house a couple hundred years ago. Won’t happen again. Let’s all hug. I’m especially happy that with the new evidence, you won’t come after my oil for at least a few more years.
Praise the Lord and pass the ammo…

 Regardless of the turns it takes, the scars will be there for many decades to come. 

 Be prepared to be referenced back to TODAY'S situation in the future time after time. Especially those who are french or german, and those who participated in protests with the intent to block troop shipments and held pukefests.

Ooops. Forgot the photo. Here’s me and all my friends who totally believe the President’s Story.

This is what they found buried under a rose bush.

This is what they are parts for making.

DUH!!! Does this little rosebush dicovery look like a threat?

This is from the CNN News story that US=GG is pointing to:

David Albright, who was a U.N. nuclear weapons inspector in Iraq in the 1990s, said inspectors “understood that Iraq probably hid centrifuge documents, may have had components, and so it is very important that those items be found.”

“What it is that Obeidi was ordered to keep was all the information and some centrifuge components, so that if he was given the order, he could restart the centrifuge program,” said Albright, president of the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington.

“In a sense, the program was in hibernation. He was the key to the restart of this centrifuge program, and he never got the order. So in that sense it doesn’t show at all that Iraq had a nuclear program. And Obeidi told me that he never worked on a nuclear program after 1991.”

Does that sound like an immediate threat to our security?

Nice try, Rambo.

Hahahah, that is all I can say to this ridiculous thread.

US=GG, you stretch really really really far sometimes.

Oh, and I sleep just fine, thanks to the United States - I was born, live, work, produce, and am a citizen of this country - just not a mindless sheep like you.

Cheers (or is that too “foreign” for you?)


Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think anyone has claimed Saddam NEVER had WMDs on this forum. I never did. He did have them in the past obviously.

The problem is this “immediate threat” bullshit.

I know a Ranger deployed in Iraq right now, and his opinion, with all he’s seen is that Hussein was no direct threat to the US (at least militarily). This guy thankfully keeps his eyes open & looks a tad deeper than the latest CNN breaking news (how many times have they rushed out info only to be proven wrong before?)

Its just a big fuckup over there- is it worth US & Brit soldiers dying everyday?
yeah, Halliburton sure seems to think so.

US=GG petal.

You failed to mention the following.

[1] These parts were buried 12 years ago
[2] The US administration [you know, the government] doesn’t consider this to be a smoking gun

Now, I know in your enthusiasm to prove us godless bastards wrong you had to leap up and down, but please, try and intersperse your gloating with some contextual relevance.


I’ve asked this before & nobody answered, how can they justify invading Iraq to find the evidence they need to justify an invasion of Iraq? Please explain. I thought the ‘proof’ had to be given by the those who advocate violence before the attack, not after.

monsieur - maybe the question should be “does the end justify the means?”

Our country has a large involvement with the UN. Because of our trade and related qualifications some of my co-workers were involved in the arms inspections up until '98 …now, knowing what they know, IMHO yes in this case the end justifies the means.

Does the gun have to be really smokey or can it be just slightly smoking when they find it? What if they think it was smoking recently but it probably just went out right before they showed up? What if they think that the gun has the capacity to smoke although they don’t believe that thus far it has ever smoked? and those damm israelies and palistinians… they can’t find a damm road map. Why can’t they just go to a gas station and ask for one? road map, road map, road map. How do they know its a road map? Couldn’t it be a topigraphical map that will lead them to peace? What about astrological? I got a map of my ass if that will help. So much talk about a fucking roadmap. ground zero, roadmap, shock $ awe, smoking gun, ground zero, roadmap, shock $ awe, smoking gun, ground zero, roadmap, shock $ awe, smoking gun. It’s funny to watch someone call someone else a sheep, while at the same time regurgitating these media invented catch phrases. We are all sheep to the media who take issues put a nice little package on it like “smoking gun” and sell it again and again and again. And when you don’t want to buy anymore they shove it right down your throat. I know this has nothing to do with your argument but whenever I hear(or read) these phrases it makes me sick. I think we need to find the smoking gun, i really do. Then if they can’t find the road map we can use it to deliver some shock and awe and turn the whole region into ground zero. the end.

Monsiour, I see your point. Both sides have points but they go to extemes. On one hand you have the…Saddam is the devil and if we don’t attack he will kill us all side…and on the other you have the …this is all about oil so that Bush can make his friends rich side. But I see it differently. The way I look at it, there were many many laws made up by the international comunity called UN resolutions. Saddam broke all of them and tried again and again to decieve the inspectors and the world. He did this. Everyone knows it and believes it. We gave him one last chance to come clean and again he acted in a deceitful manner and was not forthcomming. How many chances do we give the guy… I mean all he had to do defeat the evil Bush’s plans for his oil was fully cooperate. Thats it. The US and the world said there would be severe consequences. What were we suposed to do after he tested us? Just let it slide another 12 years? What kind of example does that set for the rest of the Tyrants in the world? That inspections are meaningless, and that if you do not cooperate there are no consequences. There must be punishments for breaking laws. What if there was a law against stealing but there was no punishment? Chaos. Thats what. This is why I think everyone is missing the point. If they don’t find anything that is great news. It means that Sadam was just testing what he could get away with for the future and that there will be less WMD in the hands of terorists. That is great fucking news. I hope we don’t find shit. But Sadam broke the law one to many times and while France and Germany acted as enablers and were not willing to back up their words George Bush said ENOUGH. This is about example. If we find WMD fine and dandy but this says to the world that if we say something we mean it. Here is an example of how I see it. The cops believe that you are guilty of a crime and show up with a search warrant. You don’t let them in. The swat team busts your fucking door down and ransacks the place. It turns out in the end that you are innocent. All you had to do was let the dudes in to do their job. Your the asshole not them. So we can go on and on about it but weapons or no weapons Saddam had a choice and he made the wrong one. He gambled that he could get away with it and he was wrong. Every death from this conflict rests on Saddam’s shoulders.

Excellent analogy DJS.