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All Replies Going to Junk Mail Folder Instead of Inbox


I dont know why but all my watched or started thread replies are going to my junk mail folder in hotmail instead of my inbox. So im never notified thru email that i got a reply. Very annoying. How do i fix this issue?


Outlook and Hotmail do sometimes treat e-mails from the forum weird. For whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to happen with other e-mail providers (like Gmail).

The easiest fix would be to add the e-mail address you’re receiving from (it’s probably tnation@ discoursemail .com) to your “Safe Sender” list.


Ok thanks. Ill try to figure out how to do that. I guess it is thinking all replies are spam amd tossing it to junk folder


This should do it: https://www.lifewire.com/hotmail-junk-versus-important-mail-1174252


Thanks man