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Hey renegades.
I’m a high school football player.
And I know lots of people are on this program that coach Davies, has bless us with.
I wanted to know the results people have received. Like increase in squat, bench, speed and so on. I got a problem of my own. And that is my bench press, I cannot get up more than 225. Its rather frustrating and if any of you can help me, or coach davies, I would love for yall to help me, I would love to gain about another 50-75 lbs, get my way to 300

I’ve been getting leaner and faster. My strength is increasing on many lifts, but they are lifts I never have done before (or haven’t done in many years). So I’m not sure if the program is what is helping with the strength increases or the fact that I started with low weights since I wasn’t used to the exercises. Either way, it’s working. But we don’t do many of the traditional exercises in a traditional manner to build strength. So it looks like you need a bench specialization program to get through your plateau!

No information for you on the strength increases but the speed increase that my 13 year old son has made from following the Renegade program for almost a month, has been amazing. Yesterday was the first day of football season and during time trials he ran his best ever 40 of 4.65 over a ¼ second faster than anyone else on the team. He has always been fast but never this fast.

I’ve put on probably 5 lbs of muscle but my weight has stayed about the same. I know I’ve gotten quite a bit stronger but I can’t tell you how much because I haven’t attempted to max on anything. I do know that even after doing 25 minutes of jump rope, 20 minutes of sprints, 10 minutes of bodyweight gpp and then hitting the weights with only 45 sec. rest intervals…after all this my weights are still just about as heavy if not heavier then my pre-Renegade era so I know my work capacity is increasing as well as strength. I know I’ll see the real strength gains when we taper into more of a traditional lifting regimen from the circuits. As far as speed increases I’ve always been fast but I notice even though I’m fatigued and sore during the workouts my times are still up near as good as they’ve ever been…and due to some injuries it’s been over a year since I’ve done any sprint training so this says a lot.
Since you are a high school football player wouldn’t you rather increase all your overall athletic skills vs just having a big bench?

i know this guy who is a hs football player, and he spends 2/3 of all his workouts doing bench/ military excercises, and other things for his chest and shoulders. I asked him, is that really more important than squats and power cleans.

Try adjusting the order of complexes so the strength is at the start. Or even break the strength complex out of the workout entirely and do it separately.

If you’re really desperate, you can turn that into a bench specialization prog from there.

I have one guy who has been doing this (4 Davies type workouts a week - two have the strength complex at the start and 2 have it broken out to an earlier session).

He seems to be a lot stronger for it, and is heavier after 3 weeks.

At this phase of your training our goal is to maximize your functional power & speed. If you like to focus more on your bench #'s that is entirely possible. However the question will remain of what is your training goal. I would point out that if you want to improve your bench, Pavel posted a Bench article in PL USA in a recent issue that I would recommend. - Let me know how I can help. In faith, Coach Davies

exactly how many times per game do you bench press the defensive tackle?

hetyey225, don’t try and stir up the hornet’s nest here. The BP is a fairly unfunctional exercise, but it is tested. So it doesn’t matter how many times you do it on the field, if you can’t do 225 for reps, you don’t get far.

As for how many times you do it in a game, I’ll take an O-Lineman with a good bench over one that complains that the exercise doesn’t carry onto the field

you did not get my point, I’ll take a O.lineman with a BIG MILITARY OVER ONE WITH A BIG BENCH! no hornets nest, I just see too many athletes focus on benching instead of shoulder, leg, and back work. peace

Sugar Ray,
Coach is certainly correct when he advocates speed and functional training. We (the 'Huskers), lost big to the Florida schools until Osborne recruited more speed. Now that Davies and others can add speed by strengthening the posterior chain, that’s a god-send. However, you may want to look at the alarming increase in strength of a little defensive back named Adam Archuleta who is a rookie for the Rams. He’s a 500lb+ bencher and if you saw him Mon. nite, he’s got long arms too, a disadvantage. How did he do it? Well, he was trained by Jay Schraeder in a fashion similar to how Westside trains - VERY fast, explosive concentric movements with about say, 60% of your max.
Big Red-Go Huskers!

this post is a virtual love-fest because I think we all agree. The real question, is what is your goal - are you preparing to play football or to satisfy your weight room goals. In my opinion, at this stage of the training season, you must focus precisely on the game. And BIG RED-your right, the’Huskers have got an amazing team this season and the schedule to get that top spot. Hope to hear from you soon. In faith, Coach Davies

To hear the response to coach davies program, and the people, the millions of renegades, made alot of sense, the game of football is all about speed and explosion, and just God bless yall souls, I want to be speed, and explosion, I know you guys work hard, and i want all of you to email me workouts if possible so I can better myself as an OVERall football player. The email is .


jump on “Renegade” post and try to incorporate the running portions. While I sell training programs for football players, I will certainly do my best to help you and any other young 'ball player on the forum. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

sugar ray theres plenty of information posted on the forum to get you going on a good routine. Read through the posts entitle “Coach Davies Renegades” and “Coach Davies training article”…
also go through the back issues of the magazine from 2 weeks ago and there’s a nice article there. Coach Davies also has an 8 week football training program for sale at infinityfitness that people like you are having huge success with.

Did you read Dave Tate’s article on benching? There are a a lot of good tips in it. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of guys will bench in a more body building style with their elbows
out. I think TC mentioned this in one of the articles in this weeks mag. It has been my
experience that paying attention to little nuances makes a huge difference in benching more weight.