All Protien Diet

I’ve been thinking of experimenting with a short term, almost all protien diet. By almost I mean eating high protien sorces such as lean meats, fish, chicken, whey, etc… and not much of anything else. Short term meaning less than a month. My guess as to what would happen would be a very rapid weight loss. Not sure about lean body mass loss though or effect it might have on energy. Has anyone ever tried this? Is it crazy? Any coments? concerns?

Have a good medical plan?

This is without a doubt, the most bizarre idea I have ever heard of. Besides that, I’d give it a try and have a family member contact us with the details regarding your funeral.


Load up on some EFA supps if you decide to go that way.

Dan “We’re going to need fiber. LOTS of fiber.” McVicker

Every heard of the term rabbit starvation? People who only eat lean protein eventually die from it. Do a search on rabbit starvation.

Bro what are you going to do when you need to take a shit and can’t??? You need some fiber all that meat is gonna “plug the hole up”

There’s no good reason for a diet like that. My guess is within days you’ll be unable to hold down anything you eat.

God, for the sake of your health, don’t do it.


I’ve heard of much worse than this idea. A guy from my gym once just consumed 10 protein shakes(Designer) a day with his only other nutrient being 20 grams of fish oil for 12 weeks. When he would head for the shitter everyone would bail out of the locker room like napalm just dropped. Another friend of mine just ate 8 cans of tuna and 25 grams of flax oil a day for a couple months. The funny thing is…both these fools dropped fat like Rosie O’Donnell dropping a vegetable! So if you don’t mind being miserable and having explosive diarreha (not to mention putting a huge strain on vital organs) I guess you could try…however I would suggest lowering the carbs instead of eliminating. Like I tell everyone else…if you are a fat bastard and need to lose 75+ pounds of fat—then you need to make serious changes in your diet----if you need to lose 20 or less----make moderate changes.

Here’s an idea. Why not just get all your carbs from green, leafy sources. Cut out protein powders with exception of pre/post workout. Eat about 8 oz. of some kind of lean meat per meal. Eat 5-8 meals per day, and go from there? More or less Berardi’s seven habits of nutritional success, which can be found in the T-Mag archives.

with the addition of fats, is this idea so far off from the diet we know as Fat Fast?

I would put 55% as the max percentage of calories from protein.

Try T-Dawg 2.0, UD 2.0, or some other diet with a proven track record.

you should just eat liver and salted butter

NielG told me…

Listen to Silles!!!

(Our brains need at least 200g of carbs/day for normal function).

Repeat, listen to Silles.

Good luck.

The irony in this idea is that it has a kind of inbuilt safety mechanism. After about a week he will be so carb depleted his brain will be toasted and he will forget that he was on zero carbs in the first place.

Reduce your carbs by all means but do not eliminate them. Add a pound of cooked brown rice per day (over about 5 meals) to your original plan. At least you will live to tell us what happened.

I think the main problem with a protein-only diet is that it will encourage your body to use protein; both for muscle maintenance and the conversion to glucose for some body function. An occasional all-protein day might be a good switch up for the body to keep it guessing when on a low-carb protocol, but the reason for having a moderate to large amount of fat on a low-carb diet is to encourage the body to consider using fat for energy as well. If you are hypo-caloric on a protein-only diet I think you are just asking for trouble.

This is along the lines of a Protein Starvation Modified Fast. Do this for a month and you’ll be in some trouble.

At the very least, get some fat in and you’ll be alright.

This is highly misunderstood. If your carbs go low enough, your body starts to use ketones for energy, and any glucose in the body is saved for use by the brain.

You’re right J.R.

Funniest Story ever.

My friends brother went on a diet for 3 weeks. 3 litres of water a day and this vegtable paste mix stuff. 25 pounds in 3 weeks. probally lost his muscles too but it worked.

thanks for all the advice, i may try it with some fishoil or something too… i’ll tell you how it goes