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All Pro Lineman Workout


Here is Walter Jones workout, not the typical workout you would expect-no squats- yet he is arguably the best LT in the NFL today.


pretty tough off season workout.


He doesn't need to squat. Most guys that already have that much mass do not. Like he says, he's maintaining what he already has. Remember that genetics and past training experience are both factors. Not to mention that pushing a truck is a really awesome exercise for leg drive.


From the article;

Hurry-Up Diet

Four weeks before training camp opened, Jones was told by Seattle to report at no heavier than 329 pounds. Weighing 340 at the time, he went on a strict diet that was designed by his wife, Val. He skipped breakfast, and every lunch and dinner consisted of half of a boiled or baked chicken along with a healthy side of either steamed vegetables or a salad with ranch dressing. He made the weight cut with pounds to spare.


Plus, squatting may be more difficult for a 6'5 dude...thats a lot of spine to support.


Just because he is 6'5 does not mean he doesn't have to squat. People will look for any excuse not to squat. I guess people like the easier route.


true yet he does push an escalade slightly up hill. If you look at the link their are also several different workouts of some of the speed positions if your interested.


Tiki Barber and Donovan Darius have workouts that would actually do something for an athelete in there, unlike Walter Jones.


You mean to tell me sitting on pole isn't beneficial to an athlete?!


Donovan Darius' workout looks crazy, if you did as much as he does you could probably live at Mcdonalds and still be 6% BF. I get sore just reading it.


yeah I'm curious to see what his diet is like to keep his size.


Can't argue with his success, though.


So it's safe to say that his (Jones) training is not improving, or responsible for his sporting form?


He has been doing something right. Perhaps T-Nation is not the God of the strength training world after all.


Go into a college weight room and see how it is for guys that tall to squat.


I can attest its very hard but not impossible-i'm 6'8- on my track team we have many tall people who also squat sure we aren't the best at it-form is not perfect tend to be little wider- but we can do them. I believe all pro basketball players squat also too, and they are some of the tallest people in the world so yeah...


the guy that had our highschool squat record was like 6'5" tall. next two were in the 5'7" to 5'8" range.


The guy does what works for him, and he makes millions. 'Nuf said.


Give me a break.


I really would like to know how many people here push escalades 250 yards, and run 48 all out sprints for a workout.

Thats seems pretty damn tough for me. When my cousins 90 suburban broke down and I had to push that I was sore for 3 days and that was only 15 yeards.