All Pre-Workouts Stop Working at Some Point

Don’t know about you guys, but all pre-workouts stop working properly at some point for me… usually it’s about the 2 week mark. In the beginning I start with half a dose and feel energetic and get unusual pumps, once the 2 week mark passes, even with a higher dose there’s just a minimal difference. Is it a developed tolerance to caffeine or the other ingredients get obsolete as well… I’m not sure

You are devolping a tolerance.

I like to cycle my pre workouts :joy: 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. I never up the dose, 16 ounces is my max.

In my experience, rest, hydration, and a nice carby pre-workout meal trumps any pre-workout mix I seen


You’re just developing a tolerance. I have a very high natural tolerance so it takes one hell of a preworkout to hit me well

Ive used pre workouts off and on over the past number of years, and its the same for me. Real food and black coffee never fails though

Yeah I remember when I first started training and using pre workout I felt almost like a high from it, insane energy and euphoric. Now it’s more of a placebo for me than anything I feel. I try to take a month off any pre workout and minimize stimulants like coffee or energy drinks to try and reset my tolerance once I’m done a container of the pre workout I’m using.