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All Powerful American Government


The executive branch essentially has no check on its power.

Congress will always give the president what He wants. The Supreme Court does not defend the constitution but rather acts as secondary legislature to defend the statist position. The Federal Reserve will write a check to the executive branch for any amount of money regardless of whether that money exists or not. The constitution does not protect individual liberty.

America is dead.

Let the Revolution begin.


I'm with you but what spurred this post? Any straw that broke the camels back? Or are you just feeling extra revolutionary today? It wouldn't kill me to have the revolution wait a little longer, I don't have all the guns I want yet nor nearly enough stored food, though I do have a berkey and am a good gardener.




What spurred this post was the all the news about the Fed getting MORE powers:


BTW, I do not want a violent revolution. I want something like the hippies had with sex in the 60s but with more intellectualism and individual liberty and less STDs.


Before I was giving you the benefit of the doubt and thinking you were just an idiot, not a paranoid schizophrenic, but I'm starting to wonder.


You have already proved your opinion is worthless. I don't care what you think.


I do certainly agree that the executive branch has FARRRRR too much power. It's too much like an election for King.


Name calling solves so much. You are such a valuable person to the likes of us. You see, we can point to a no point having name caller, and say, look, this is all this person offers, we offer ideas and action plans to get to specific goals. I mean really, is it so hard to get your head out of the sand? The exact arguments you were making against Push on the C V E 2.0 thread, you are guilty of yourself when it comes to political issues.

If you are going to disagree with Lifty's topic, at least bring us something we can pick apart peice by peice ad nauseum, so that you can only refuse to see logic in the end and we can all go home happy for our participation on PWI. Pure name calling has it's place over in GALOT.



Our legislative branch is nothing more than highly paid political prostitutes. Putting out for the highest bidder over and over. Meanwhile the regular joes who don't feel like going to pay for sex, go without more and more. It astounds me just how many campaign promises are broken on a regular basis. And our in bed with the government media doesn't call a single on of them on it. The only bad press a politician will ever get is if they do something you would see on reality TV, like sleep with a whore, or shoot thier buddy in the face while bird hunting. Promise your constituents you will vote against any spending increase and then do exactly the opposite when in power, who cares about that.



Recognizing this should imbue you with a sense of moral responsibility to change this fact. What will you now do to act in accordance with this belief?

Will you continue to give more power and legitimacy to your leader or will you behave consistently and decide to ignore the corrupt power structure?


Why would I? Any political structure is going to have corruption. But I'm not exactly sure how we can remove some of the powers from the President. IT's not like there's a party to vote for that makes this a major point of contention.


Nor would that work anyway. There are no political solutions. There are only individual solutions. If history teaches us anything it is that power always corrupts those who want it to keep it.

But everyone has the ability to take power from anyone else without force or coercion. It is called ostracism. Simply ignore the immaterial figureheads and do and think the opposite of what they tell you to.

You will never go wrong with that approach...but take measures to protect yourself because bullies don't like being ignored.

Power only works when people submit to it. Taking it by force never has any lasting effect because there will always be someone else in the ready to try and take it for themselves.


Hypothetically speaking, what do you think it would take to incite the general American populace to revolt?

Watching the events in Iran unfold made me think about this. Following that questionable-as-fuck decision, they didn't start blogs or bitch quietly amongst themselves...they saddled up and took to the streets, many of them dodging bullets and tear gas.

Americans would have done the same thing 200 years ago, but I'm not so sure about today. What specific events or chain of events do you think would make Joe Six-pack get off his couch and take to the streets?


I think it will happen , the question is when?


I also think that there are some that think it will be a great time of romantic passion. I see it as being so lean that there will be some die of hunger, you will see great acts of barbarianism, you will have anarchy, but not the type that Lifty dreams of


Lifty, let me pose a question to this idea. What if said individual thought the government telling him or her that they were not allowed to grow, smoke or sell pot was stupid. By your line of thinking a person rebelling would grow smoke and sell thier pot. BUT do you do it right out in the open? In secret? Do you not do it at all? What if the cops show up to your place and tell you you violated thier laws? You ignore them and say come get me?



When the majority of people have nothing left to lose because of overbearing taxation, devaluation of the currency, and stultifying regulations they will have nothing to fear in revolt.

That is why it is imperative to change people's minds peacefully with ideas and not bombs and violence.


Tough question, I keep asking myself this all the time. The truth is I do not know what I would do. I have a family that I do not want to sacrifice just because of my political ideology but at the same time I also considered my self a principled individual.

I consider myself a free person and as such I have only one responsibility: to accept the consequences of my actions. This does not mean I will not try and assert with integrity the rightness of my actions. Of course, this does little good from inside a prison cell.

I have a feeling the entire system is going to come crashing down without any revolutionary activity from the masses just because of the stupid mistakes our government keeps making. Hopefully, I can hold out getting arrested in the meantime.


Im waiting for more people to wake up to this fact. The campaign is all about telling people what they want to hear, what they need to hear. Then once elected it;s business as usual. Both parties play us for fools. Like 2 tennis players and we're the tennis ball.

People, this is why i don;t vote. I'll never vote and make sure all my kids never vote either. I see through the lies and deceptions and lost all faith in Politics. For the last 20 years it's the same BS. lol. Read my lips, no new taxes, lol. Garbage in garbage out.


And you need to get over yourself and your "intellectual-ness" of it all. You make some good points but much like Obama, can be a genius at non specificity.

The hallmark of a simple person is the attacking of the debater personally instead of their ideas and topic of debate. Simple minds talk about other people, average minds discuss current events and news and advanced minds discuss ideas. There's alot of people here of an advanced mind set and they'll propose ideas and tangents that are at times shocking and laughable. But when you contemplate deeper you'll hopefully see their point.