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All Pain, No Gain!

I write now because I am running out of Ideas. I have a subscapularis tendon inflammation (tendonitis, bursitis whatever you want to call it). In other words I experience a burning sensation on the front humeral head (the insertion of the subscapularis). I experienced this first a few years back when I first started working out. As an uninformed lifter, I adhered to the ?touch your chest? philosophy (I still do but with scapular retraction and chest up to limit ROM slightly), which led to an injury that made me stop training.

A few years later after following certifications, classes and much reading I decided I was informed enough to train without injury. It worked very well for almost 2 years until recently. I have been working a lot on heavy weight, low rep. When I hit my PR on bench I quickly had to stop benching because pains surfaced. I worked my way back up very near my old PR but once again the pain resurfaced.

I balance my ER/IR work and as a result of resent events have adopted a rehabilitation program that includes A LOT of ER work.

I progressed my push exercises and experienced no pain at weighted push-ups, cable cross-overs, floor presses but yesterday I went back to flat DB Press with good weight (only 5% less than at my peak) for 10 reps and felt strong. However this morning the pain returned. It?s not unbearable and far less intense then before but I am still no very happy about it.

My form, ROM and technique are good, my posture is good (I do not have an off center humeral head). I have asked other trainers about my technique/posture/ROM and have done muscle test for all rotator cuffs and long head bicep and everything seems to be in order. But evidently something is wrong.

The question is, what should I do? I ordered ?release your pain? but it will only get here in a few weeks time? Should I try Active Release Technique? What is it? Should I go see a physiotherapist? Is icing enough?

I have a similiar shoulder injury. I got an X-ray and a MRI and my doctor recommended I do the regular rotator cuff work. I have taken a decent ammount of time off. Now I am doing a lot of pull-ups and dips. I think it is helping me. My shoulder does not hurt me at rugby when I do push-ups. Prior it was about 3 push-ups before I had to stop completely.

I previously had a shoulder injury whenever I benched, but after some time off and then adjusting my form to keep my elbows closer to my body, the pain moreless went away…but it seems you already addressed the form issue.

The only other thing that I did was limit my direct heavy shoulder work. This wasn’t an issue for me since they were a strong point anyway.

Dr. Ryan Smith is on Prime Time tonight. You should ask on that thread.

Good Luck.

I’ll bring it to his attention tonight on Prime Time.

For now I think I’ll continue the ER and switch to Lactic acid training program, it gives me 5 days between chest workouts which may help. I’ll try to pick exercises that do not cause pain.

Has anyone tried ART?