All Out for 3 Weeks - Optimize Program?

I have a luxury starting as of this Saturday, I am a college baseball player - and my internship is ending and I have 3 weeks before going to school where I have absolutely no responsibilities other then working out as hard as I can. I don’t want to over-train, however I want to do as much as possible to cut some weight before reporting for fall ball.

I am 6’5" and weigh 232. I have been losing weight over the past 6 months because I gained a lot when dealing with an injury. I have cut down from 265.

I’m looking incorporate morning runs before breakfast 6x week, 4x week lift (2 upper 2 lower) and the lifts are are series of circuits with a superset/rest set. Leg days the rest set is another leg exercise, Upper days the rest set is a core exercise, leg days end with a full core workout at the end. Each circuit is done with no rest to keep HR up.

Squat x 15
Front Squat Jump with DB x 15
Single Leg RDL X 15
Second Circuit drops to 12 reps, Third 10 reps weights up accordingly. (no rest)

After I lift I want to do another set of cardio - I don’t want to run too much because I tend to be prone to shin splints and Achilles tendinitis so I mix in cross-trainer/stairmaster with a weighted vest and ankle weights for 30+ minutes. I am also looking to do HIIT 3x week. Also I am hoping to do one Tabata session a week of either front squat or thrusters, and a little baseball skill work/throwing.

AM-30+ run
Noon- HIIT 30/60 15 minutes
PM-Legs 30+ Weighted Cross trainer

AM-30+ run
PM-Upper 30+ Weighted Cross trainer

AM-30+ run
Noon-HIIT 60/120 20 minutes
Throwing/skill work

AM-30+ run
PM-Legs 30+ Weighted Cross trainer

AM-30+ run
Noon-HIIT 30/60 15 minutes
PM-Upper 30+ Weighted Cross trainer

AM-30+ run

Noon- Throwing/skill work

Also whenever possible I’ll look to do a NEPA walk or bike ride - probably 5x a week.

Supplements are probably going to be fish oil, HOT-ROX, Surge post lift, Metabolic Drive. My diet will be tight as expected.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I know that people rarely have the chance to workout 3 times in a day - so I want to make sure that I make the most of it.