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All Oral Cycle


How does this cycle look:

Age: 21
Training Age: 7 years
Height: 5'7
Weight: 180
BF%: 6%
Looking to increase mass and strength. Very needle-phobic.

Week 1: Dianabol 30mg ED
Week 2: Dianabol 30mg ED
Week 3: Dianabol 30mg ED/Winstrol 25mg ED
Week 4: Dianabol 30mg ED/Winstrol 25mg ED
Week 5: Winstrol 25mg ED/Anavar 30mg ED
Week 6: Winstrol 25mg ED/Anavar 30mg ED
Week 7: Winstrol 25mg ED/Anavar 30mg ED
Week 8: Winstrol 25mg ED/Anavar 30mg ED
Week 9: Nolvadex 40mg ED
Week 10: Nolvadex 20mg ED
Week 11: Nolvadex 20mg ED
-OFF 12 Weeks-

Please Critique.


AAS isn't for the weak of heart, or those lacking testicles.

When you're a tad older and not afraid of needles anymore, we'll discuss.


Where is the Test mannnnnnnn?

Harden up and inject.


Not old enough or able to judge what is right for you at this point.



with your height, weight and fresh fuckin receptors u could build some quality muscle with the potential layout. not a fan of all orals, but your dosages are on the low end, shutdown might not be too bad, tho this is individual. consider using a liver aid of sorts for the duration. suggest to get a blood test before/after, it will give you an idea of how orals effect your levels. your probably content on this cycle, would be better with a bit o test
good luck



Well, actually... AAS are for those lacking testicles. =)

This cycle is a bad idea. If you run orals you'd be better off not running them for 8 straight weeks. Perhaps 2 on, 2 off for 16 weeks. A member of our board did that not long ago with orals and had good results. The problem with oral-only is that you'll likely not keep much of anything. You may blow up 20 pounds, but only keep 5 pounds post-cycle. Testosterone is much safer, effective, CHEAPER, and you will keep most all of the gains afterwards, especially since you are only 180lbs.

With eight weeks of a moderate test-only cycle you could easily be 200 pounds post-cycle after PCT, provided your training and diet are in place. For a first cycle do test only, or try 2 weeks on, 2 off cycles of the orals. The most that'll happen with moderate dosing of orals in that time frame is you come back in a couple months and tell us it didn't work.

Though to be fair, since you don't weigh much, you will keep more than the average joe from an oral-only cycle. With 4 2 week cycles you may keep ten pounds.


I agree 100% with the above. I tried an oral only cycle and I didn't keep a damn thing. All that happened was that I messed around with my blood pressure. That's why I plan on going with only injectibles in the near future.

Haha for a practice run go get some piercings! Lol that's what got me over my fear of needles...7 piercings baby!


If I did do this 2 weeks on 2 weeks off approach would I keep the same drug doses and when to use each drug and just put 2 weeks off in between each section? Would I need to do any anti-estrogen/hcg while on those 2 weeks off?


You smug bastard.