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all oral cycle


Will probably get flamed here but who here has done a all-oral cycle before,im not just talking about popping 40mgs of d-bol a week,i mean like actually combining orals like d-bol with winny anadrol with winny
d-bol with anavar.
I know the old saying “no needles no cycle” but i was just wondering if u big mutha’s have just done a all tablet cycle.
Keep big

I have never done an all-oral cycle. Personally, I think it’s way too hard to regulate blood levels consistantly with orals. Having to constantly remind yourself to take your pills/tabs is another worry I don’t need. I’d rather poke myself once a day, once every other day, or even once a week and not have to worry about anything until the next injection…

…besides, I love the feel of jamming a needle in me.

Be more concerned on the toll your internal organs are taking by doing all-orals. Why doesn’t anyone ever post about taking an all-injectable cycle?