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All of a Sudden, I'm Old


Welp, seems like only a few weeks ago I was a beginner on here with a different username, a young man with hopes, dreams, aspirations, and a whole new world of lifting in front of me. Now I'm 35, and posting in the "T-Replacement" and "mature lifters" section. Seems like so much has changed, but really, I don't feel so different. Maybe a little wiser and more skilled in a variety of ways, and I definitely take longer to heal. Well, let's see what we can do about that.

Got back in the gym on Friday for the first time in months - I've gone from about 200 to about 180 in the last 6 months, and my hormones have been all sorts of jacked up because of stress, lack of sleep, and a back injury which I'm still recovering from. I've been able to run and swim this summer, but haven't lifted since May. My goal is to see how close I can get to 200 by the end of the year, and still try to maintain some leanness.

The program so far:
45lb bent over rows
15lb dumbell flys (flat bench)
35lb double dumbell squat clean and press
15lb lat raises

swiss-ball bent over leg raises
swiss-ball extended situps

Trying to focus on elongating my hip flexors to help with the back issues, while strengthening my core to foster better stability.

Going to trade off with lat pulls, squats, and bench press.

Cardio-wise, I'll stick with the occasional run and swim on off-days.


It’s funny how age sneaks up on you. You’re still on the very young end of this forum. Welcome.


[quote]kpsnap wrote:
It’s funny how age sneaks up on you. You’re still on the very young end of this forum. Welcome.[/quote]

Thanks brother. Yeah, I realized that unless I got back on top of my health I’d never get out from under it. The time is now.

My rules are simple: Make gains. Don’t get hurt. Look and feel epic.


[quote]SvartSvensk wrote:

Thanks brother.
Correction: Thanks “sister”


[quote]bulldog9899 wrote:

[quote]SvartSvensk wrote:

Thanks brother.
Correction: Thanks “sister”[/quote]

35 isn’t old but some glasses may be in order! Seriously, good luck in achieving your goals.


Correction indeed!! I apologize, kpsnap - for some reason I don’t see profile images when logged in. Really weird.

Update on the training - 3 sessions in and I’m up a couple pounds - 183/4. Bumped up bent over rows to 50 lbs, dumbell flys to 20. Still did 10 reps each set.

Have managed to go from 6 reps/set to 8/set on the squat/dumbell press - still only 35s, but baby steps.

Back is feeling pretty good, have found new hip issues to attack with the foam roller and need to track down a lacrosse ball…


Dick’s Sporting Goods carries lacrosse balls if there are any near you.


Hells bells, 35 aint old. Stay injury free and you can do this a long time.

Good luck on the rest of your journey.


Good luck getting back into it - I know the feeling of feeling like you are outside of the “glory years”. Dont let it get into your head - age is just a number - you just have to work a bit harder to get back to it!


You are young. Also you have a solid foundation to build on, so you may make faster progress toward your goal. Good luck!


Thanks everyone for all the encouraging words!

DBasler, I took your advice and got a few Lacrosse balls - wow! Seriously painful to use, but incredibly effective. I’m still using a foam roller to warm up with, and finish up with the ball. I’m able to get my TFL and my Glute Med to release pretty well now, and combining that with the Psoas release I learned recently my hip pain is much more manageable. Going to work on trying to strengthen my hips too - I’ll be consulting a friend who is an excellent trainer and the forums for some ideas and I’ll post 'em on on here for anyone who is following along later and has similar issues with hip flexors. Been reading this series of articles and feel like I’m starting to get a grip on how I’m gonna fix my back and hip issues. https://breakingmuscle.com/mobility-recovery/your-achilleship

So today I bumped up my bent over row to 55 lbs, dumbell bench press with 50 lbs, 100lb lat pulls, 135lb squats, all 3 sets of 8 (except the rows which I finished my last set with 10 reps). Still doing core work on a swiss ball, still doing a .5mi run to warm up.

I was up to 184 on Monday, but today was just 182. A little disappointed that I’m not gaining more weight, but I’m making gains in strength, and my muscles already look bigger and feel harder. Most importantly, I feel really good! I’m really glad to be back in the gym, and glad to be keeping a log here to keep me going.

Thanks again to all of you and your support… haha, I don’t feel old… I can do this!! \m/


Ok, update time. Gains are being made, and kept - albeit slow, and when it comes to strength, but not weight. Dumbell bench press now at 55 lbs, bent over rows at 55 for 3 sets of 10. lat pulls at 115.

Have added in dumbbell flys and lat raises with 20 lbs each hand.

Squats are on hiatus. Back started hurting week before last, and have had a solid stitch in my left side near the insert of my lat. Doing leg press to take the load off my hips and low back so they have more time to recover.

Took a week off last week to give my body a chance to kinda recover a bit. I think I need a new bed. When I stay with my girlfriend my back feels better than it does when I’m at home (but maybe that’s because she loves massaging my manly body, lol).

Weight yesterday pre-workout was 183. Still not really gaining weight, even though I’ve been eating like a ravenous wolf, and I don’t really look much more cut or anything.

Figured it’d be good to go over suppliments a little. Taking some Ashwaghanda, Tongkat Ali, Ginseng, Tribulus, Garlic, Zinc, Magnesium at night, and plenty of protein. Had been taking saw palmetto until I found out it reduces conversion of T to DHT - stopped about a week ago.

Gonna have to scour the forums some more for new ideas for putting on the pounds. I think it’s probably time for some Creatine.


Update with a BF% - tested at 14.2%!!! Holy crap! Was hoping for anything under 20. Feels good to be lean and strong.

Been staying at the girlfriend’s, back feels great after just two nights - and that’s without massages. I definitely need a new bed.

Gains are sticking, some of the lifts are getting easier - about to bump up again, but I think I need to start loading creatine. I think that’ll be next week’s addition.


Curious whats your long term goals if any?


[quote]bulldog9899 wrote:
Curious whats your long term goals if any?[/quote]

Good question, thanks for asking. I’d like to get back up to 200lbs, and keep my body fat to under 15% - 12 would be nice, but I don’t feel the need to be terribly shredded.

Beyond that… I’m not sure. General health, strength, flexibility - to look and feel my best. :slight_smile: I guess I’ll reassess once I’ve met my initial goal where I want to go from there. I might look at myself in the mirror and think, “Gee, I could stand to put on another 10 lbs of muscle…” or “Hmm, maybe 10% bf would be awesome!” I just don’t know yet.


Still haven’t added creatine - been sick. Only two days in the gym last week and only one so far this week. Good news is, I’ve kept my gains even though I lost a couple pounds - back to 181. Dumbell Bench Press is up to 60 lbs each hand, same with bent over row. (3 of 8) lat pulls are at 120, tri presses are at 50 (for 10!).

I feel strong even though I’m still recovering from a really nasty cold. Feels good. Wondering why the size isn’t happening. :confused:


Time for a much needed update!

Due to the holidays, divorce, and moving, I took a couple months off from the gym. I’d made it up to 65lb Dumbell bench before I stopped, and when I started back a few weeks ago, I had to start with 60s. Last week, I made it back to 65s, and am now doing 120lb lat pulls for 3 sets of 10, and tricep presses are at 70 for 10! :open_mouth:

Have been totally supp free other than protein and zinc. I still want to start on Creatine, but want to give myself at least a solid month since I got back in the gym again before going there. I can see my abs a little which is cool. My pecs are bigger. Feels good. Maybe I’ll post an update pic soon.