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All Nighter Tips?


A friend of mine says that procrastination is a way of giving our lives the illusion of meaning.

I've done it again. I have until friday around 1:00 to finish what I'm working on, and however many hours it is until then is how long its gonna take me. Its basically all busy work, therefore quality is not much of a concern.

I'm planning on not sleeping until after I turn my shit in. Thats a double all-nighter including tonight. Hit me with your tips or share your stories.

In advance I won't be able to get any adderol/ritalin. That would be cool though.


Been pulling all-nighters all week, I don't recommend it. I'm just posting cause I need a break.

Not really all-nighters for me, though. I got 3 hours of sleep 2 days ago, 2 hours of sleep last night, and tonight I'm going to get about 6 1/2 hours of sleep, not bad.


Me too,
I've got 16 pages in 1.5 days and a book I really haven't read, this is going to be fun!!!


Nicotine patches, I shit you not. Cut them up into 1/6's or smaller and slap one on. The area will itch but it will be nigh impossible for you to sleep. Make sure you wash off the area when you're done.

Add caffeine as needed, 7-11 caries Spike and they're open all night. They carry some other energy drinks that I'm fond of but sipping on Spike is for when you absolutely positively have to not sleep, or just don't want to. 150mg about every 4-6 hours works well for me, that's half a can of Spike or ~1 can of something like Rockstar (I like the Lemonade or Pomegranate flavors).

Stay busy and stay on task, you may think you've got a buffer by committing to staying up all night but daylight seems to come awful early sometimes and you're left realizing you haven't gotten nearly enough shit done.

If you're planning on 48 hours up you're going to need at least a few hours of down time, set a reliable, loud alarm and take like 4-6 hours in the middle. Then get right back up and slam nicotine and caffeine.

Test out your tolerance of caff/nicotine, it's a lot of nervous system stimulation and can leave you feeling kinda shitty if you take too much, make sure to just sip on your first energy drink you may need a lot less, I abuse caffeine like it's a cheap hooker so my tolerance is pretty high.


And stop procrastinating, the quality of work is almost always better if you do things on a reasonable time table.


I will head out for Spike in about 4 hours. It will coincide nicely with the computer lab opening.

You sound as if you've been there Ghosty.


Make sure to use computer programs to get the work done where you can.

I put off a project for an entire semester in college till the last night, and ended up doing about 20 pages of hand calcs, when I could have just plugged everything into Excel and had it done, neater, in about 5 pages, with no errors.


Godammit i'm in the same boat. All I can think about is climbing into bed with the gf, but i've got this goddamn essay to write.

What i've found to work for me, however, is for every hour I spend doing the work, I give myself 5 minutes to get up, walk around, go to the bathroom, etc. Sort of like a reward for staying on track. See if this works for you man and good luck.


Doing the self reward thing kind of. Just finished a chunk so I'm on here.

On the tv show deadliest catch I remember them saying they eat like crazy when sleep deprived. I already went by burger king and am trying to space out a lot of calories so I don't get drowsy.

Also trying to remember to hydrate with all the caffeine in.

and pandora internet radio. Just keeps playing music I like and I don't have to do dick around.

I also turned the heat off so I don't get too comfortable.


If your willing the effects of nicotine and caffeine why not just bite the adderol bullet? For what its worth I'd say you'd be able to stay up 3 days no problem and still feel good.


The matter of obtaining it. I actually have a prescription but I haven't filled it in years. Too late now anyway.


coffee and cigarettes... thats how i did it 3 years ago... if u do have some time i'd take small naps... it helps... 30min here and there will keep u sane... the trick is to nap in the most uncomfortable position on a desk etc....


The best all-nighters were back in my old college days. My roommate and I would work with good music on, and bowls of coffee. Just being in the presence of someone who was motivated and inspired rubs off on you. We never spoke much, except for the occasional nonsensical anecdote.
The best feeling was when we were almost done with our projects just as the sun would be coming up. That tired feeling mixed with a sense of accomplishment was almost delicious as we headed into class those mornings with quality work in our portfolio cases.


I find with all-nighters the quantity and quality of the work being done is inversely proportional to the amount of time I've been awake.

I would recommend against them. You're better off organising your shit and doing the work like sensible person. If you're anything like me though you'll never learn and will eventually come to see procrastination and fucking up as a form of self expression.

Good luck.



1) Drink enough - not doing so means you will lose motivation and drive
2) Energy Drinks or Tea, Coffee is nowhere near as effective if you have long time to go
3) sleep 4 hours per night or first day 8 and second allnighter...you will be much more productive like that over 3 days
4) Deprive yourself of sugary foods and do not eat until satiety, like this you will be more focused
5) free your workroom of distractions first
6) i go 2 hour work 10 minuten eye closed pause


I was going to suggest Meth, but yeah, this sounds a little better.


a little less than two hours of sleep. Want to kill everyone in the world. Off to the computer lab!


Nice, ID we got your back man if we didnt have talented people like you we would all still be hitting our women with clubs and dragging them back to our caves.


cocaine: the solution to all of life's problems.