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All Natural Coaches

I’m in search of an all natural powerlifting coach.
Apparently doing everything distance is a big thing. I’m in the process of becoming part of th APU and would like to compete in Calgary AB April 22.

To clarify,

are you looking for an in-person coach or an online coach?

and are you looking for a coach who is him/herself drug-free, or just a coach who works with drug-free athletes?

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Hi Flip,
Thanks for asking. So here’s the DL that’s going down here in Canada. Not sure if this movement is happening in the U.S or not as of yet.
But we’re trying, and have been trying to make powerlifting an Olympic sport. From what I have heard from very reliable sources for the last 10 years.

As such in order to be in the Albert Powerlifting Union and Canadian Powerlifting Union, the athlete and the coach both need to be drug free and be available for testing on a national and international level. Or just international…can’t remember off the top of my head.
So my coach does need to be drug free.
I’m in talks with a potential coach at the moment so I’ll keep this forum posted as to how that will work out.

Thanks again for the question and hope this clarified for you.

So if you hire someone online to write your training they have to take a drug test? Or is it only for in-person coaching? Either way it’s fucking ridiculous. This kind of shit is why I’m no longer dealing with CPU/IPF, soon if you want someone to handle you at a meet it will cost several hundred dollars as they need to have a CPU coaching certificate and so on, it just doesn’t make sense.

If this is the case, you will have to drug test the coach yourself. If you assume that they are in fact clean and then one day fail a test, you could get banned as well.

I’m sorry, but this is fucking retarded.


Apparently PEDs no longer only increase athletic performance, they also enhance coaching ability.


I have to disagree, I think it is necessary to clean up the sport. Even if you need to miss out on a lot of good coaches. Perhaps he/she perceives their age and lack of competition means he is not really cheating. (which he or she is not at least not in competition ).That said coaches who are against steroids and other PEDS are less likely to encourage their athletes to cheat.

It would not bother me but I don’t compete in anything. I think they often (not in all cases) decrease coaching ability. Although I accept if you want to make a good living (as some of the coaches here have commented on) you will need to come into contact with steroid users.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your thoughts…and yes…this is a very hot topic as many people have views and stand points on drugs/what’s considered drugs/ and so forth.
This is why there are 2 different federations…at least here in Alberta. The testes and none tested federations.
I personally believe that both federations have a place as there is the desire to have powerlifting on a competitive scale as inclusive as possible.
I found that I’m better suited to the CPU/IPF standards as I am unable to take stimulants of anysort (appart from drinking coffee). And thus am happy to conform to the rules and regulations put in place by the CPU/IPF.

Does this mean in anyway that I’m against the use of stimulants or performance enhancing anything?


But I can’t take them so I’m happy to have a coach who doesn’t take them as well. But it does make the process of finding a coach more tricky.

@decimation @april_dombrosky

The problem is that the IPF is full of shit, their actions are hypocritical. It is against IPF and WADA rules for any officials involved in a competition to use performance enhancing drugs but Arnold Schwarzenneger and Mark Bell (both of whom openly admit to steroid use) are hosting meets. And no, the fact that they don’t compete in the IPF and haven’t been suspended for PED use is irrelevant, according to the rules they are not supposed to be involved in the sport at all. Of course they bring a lot of money to the IPF so the IPF turns a blind eye.

So if you use 5/3/1 or Cube you shouldn’t be able to compete in the IPF because Jim Wendler and Brandon Lilly use steroids? Is Marisa Inda looking for a new coach? Chad Wesley Smith doesn’t hide the fact that he uses PEDs.

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I don’t use PEDs and I’m competing in the tested division of CPF(WPC) in April. I just think that the IPF and it’s affiliates are taking things too far, it’s just an excuse to take people’s money. As far as Alberta, I know that CPL (IPL/USPA affiliate) has some meets there and they have a drug tested division as well. It’s not drug users vs. non-users, it’s IPF and their nonsense against the whole world.

And you didn’t answer one of the questions, are you looking for in-person or online coaching and do these rules apply to online coaches as well? I don’t know anyone who can coach you in person in Alberta, but there are plenty of people who do online coaching and compete in the IPF and pass drug tests.

For 101 reasons this is not going to happen(unfortunately).
-Baseball a multi-billion dollar enterprise has only just been added

Sorry Chris,
I thought I already said that I’m in talks with a potential coach.

At this time I’m unclear as to the reasoning this is not an Olympic sport and thus can not speak to it too much at this time.