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All Natural Anabolic Diet


Hey, im new here, although I've tried Metabolic Drive and absolutely love it. Im wondering what kind of natural foods should you consume if you are on a 100% natural diet. I mean post workout to attempt to keep anabolic, as in which natural proteins will break down and get in my bloodstream fastest. As for carbs I've read that fruit and fruit juices are good for resupplying your muscles with glycogen.

Im absolutely not a supplement hater, I love supplements, however, i need a diet for someone who has just moved to korea, and cant get his hands on any at the moment, im working on trying to find some american army friends to supply me with some, and I am looking into the Namdaemun market this weekend.

As for supplement choice, i dont think I will have much if any, and I also know that attempting to get aanything post workout (amino acid related and fast digesting whey isolates) may be out of the question. So really this is a question of which natural foods will take the place of these supplements. If this has already been covered, Im going to apologize in advance, my internet time is limited as i can only check at work.


Eat meat. They have rice in Korea no? Eat rice with your meat.

To sumarize...
Eat rice and meat.