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All-Max NO2


Does anyone here know if this product has to have a loading phase...I've looked around but can't find the info....thanks :slightly_smiling:


I think the consensus around here would be to load NO2 supplements into a garbage compactor.


The label would describe any loading phase that would be necessary.


Good one! :slight_smile:

I just had a discussion with a friend of mine about an NO2 product that also has some kind of special, non-bloating creatine, and Glutamine in it. He was going on about how great it is and how much better that kind of Creatine is than Monohydrate.

He swore that the creatine in this product doesn't cause the undesired water retention that monohydrate causes.

He completely bought into the advertising hype.

I warned him about them, and I'd get interrupted about how great the product is every time, so I stopped trying.

It's $75 for 1 month's worth...


There's nothing written on the label with regards to loading...so I guess I don't have to worry about it then. As far as "buying into the hype" i'm just trying it out to see what it does or can do. At the moment $75 isn't gonna kill me for this month.


So this is basically a useless supplement?? I've been using regular creatine by All-Max and just thought I'd give this NO2 product a shot


It's worthless. Go with something that will actually work. I started Carbolin 19 a few weeks ago, it's $40 for a month. Instead of "seeing what something might do" go with something that WILL work.

For $75 in one month, get: a container of Surge ($21), a bottle of Carbolin 19 ($39) and Biotest creatine ($12). That's $72. If you wanna spend more get some Spike.

That NO2 is useless, and even if it did work the stuff I mentioned would be a better deal.