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All Legs!?

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I think you should check out Charlie Francis’s work. Apparently, all Ben Johnson did in the weight room when Charlie was training him was Back Squats and Bench Presses. But I believe most of Charlie’s athletes powerclean…

Regardless, some upper body work at a very low volume is probably advisable, something in the 3-5 sets x 3-5 reps range…

Just monitor your CNS status. Track work comes first.

Best of luck

Ben didnt powerclean. he did deadlifts early on when he was building hypertrophy. i bet Ben did some pulling. i dont understand why he wouldn’t do upperbody pulling yet do 400+ pound bench presses.

Just to clarify a bit on Ben’s Bench strength. He did not regularly bench 400, he did it once. He regularly benched about 315-350 (according to my own witnessing at the York University Track centre in Toronto).

In “Speed Trap” Frances states (I don’t have the book handy so the weights are approx.) that they were benching at the 87 World championships in Rome. They worked up to a heavy single thinking the weight was around 375 when infact they miscalculated the weight and he benched 400. I guess they were using Kilo plates and Ben normally used LBS plates. From what I remember his form was good with 315 but above that it got horrible.

Also wether or not that 400 took place and how much Charlie helped him is up for debate. My feeling is that if it wasn’t done under competition rules I’m skeptical. I’ve seen far too many 350 benchers claim successful 400+ benches when their buddys helped them through the top half. Anyway, there is no doubt the guy was Strong![/quote]

thanks for the clarification.

i wanna say that i recall Charlie stating that Ben’s benched 420X2, but i could be wrong.

also, ‘spotting’ plays a role, as you said.