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All is Here and Ready to Begin

Ok guys. I finally received my gear and pct. here is what I have:

1-60ml Exemestane 25mg
1-60ml tamoxifen citrate 20mg
Clomid 40ct @ 50mg
Exemestane 40ct 12.5mg
1-30ml winni 50mg
16000 iu hcg
2-10ml eq 200mg
2-10ml tren e 200mg
5-10ml test p 100mg
1-10ml test e 300mg

I am 5’11 and 205lb. I have been hitting the gym hard and cutting down my bf. I have looked around and tons of research has made my head hurt. I want to figure out the best cycle to put on some lean size and still cut some more bf.

this is what I have access to and have this gear in hand. My guy is out of test e so gave me more test p (Ed/rod will suck but hey why not run with it) this has been a hard road but I do have access to more winni if necessary. I know the tren may need to wait til next cycle but open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your help.


I Read the labels wrong. 3 bottles of test e 2-250 1-300. Then 3-100mg test p

So what are you asking? How to run your gear you have? We don’t do that here–come up with your own plan (that hopefully isnt retarded) and post it here for critique…

that’s quite a strange combination. You’ve got 2 different kinds of test, clomid and aromasin which is kinda weird.

I would personally just leave the tren and EQ for another cycle. Tren can be pretty mental (and on a first cycle if you get sides you won’t know if it’s the test or tren that’s causing it which is bad as you need different ancillaries for each…) and EQ has to be run for a heluva long time to really see any benefit.

Just leave the tren and EQ for now. When it comes to cycle again get another couple of vials of test E but save the test E you have now for another time. You don’t really have enough of it for a decent cycle at the mo.

Do a cycle with just the prop and winni that you have. You need to decide on a dose but somewhere in the region of 500mg a week is standard.

Good on you for getting all your PCT, AIs and stuff in order before starting. Lots of noobs don’t.

Do some research on hCG.

Hope that helps!

I am looking to run a Test P/E and Winny run for my first cycle. Two other buddys of mine will be lifting with me. I am 6ft tall, 210lbs and unsure of body weight as of today. This will be a 12 week cycle.

Here is my proposed cycle to start all PCT is in hand and looking to pin soon !

TEST P Week 1-4 100mg/ ED + Week 12-14 100mg/ ED
TEST E Week 1-12 500mg/WK (250 x twice a week)
WINNY Week 1-8 50mg/ ED
AROMASIN Week 1-12 12.5mg Mon/Wed/Fri (Should it be everyday up to pct?)
NOLVA Week 14-18 20mgs ED
HCG 250ius/ Mon/Wed/Fri Week 2-11

Appreciate the help in advance.

almost. I don’t know if what you are doing with mixing the test esters will work, I’ve never done it or known anyone to do it so someone else’ll hopefully chime in on that.

The most glaring mistake I see is the clomid. Clomid is a PCT drug, not for use on cycle. Run it for 4 weeks at 50mg a day. Your nolva dose is a bit light too. I would use it at 40mg for the first 3 weeks of PCT, then 20mg a day thereafter.

As for the aromasin, use it up until PCT.

You are running 1200 mg of Test the first 4 weeks. For a first cycle, that is VERY heavy and you probably don’t need anywhere near that amount. I imagine you are wanting to run the Prop/E together to get the Prop in your bloodstream while oy uwait for the Eth to get in there? You may have just as good success front loading. I think 1200 mg is jus tway too much for a first timer.

As RDS mentioned, do not use a SERM during your cycle, save it for after.

I would discontinue the Prop about 5-7 days before beginning PCT, so at the end of Week 13.

I am now only front loading 50mg ED TesT P week 1-4 only Hopefully that will help me.

I am taking aromasin (Exemestand 12.5mg ED throughout the cycle. Is that ok or correct? If it is correct do I continue it through PCT?

YOu may find that dowse of examastane too high. I would probably take the same amount, but EOD instead of ED. But some could need a dose that high. Just be aware of the symptoms of too low estrogen and scale back if you encounter them (painful joints, libidio issues, depression).

Sounds like a plan. I will cut back to EOD

Man everyday people come on steroid sites thinking more is better, stack stack stack! No its not better! learn each compound one at a time, figure out how your body responds to each compound! Do the minimum amount posible! Do some damn research BEFORE you buy gear WTF! You think your just gonna buy some shit and put it together and get good results. just keep it simple and make good progress Test only! next cycle try winny if your BF% is low enough.

And do your self a favor and give that tren-e to someone that knows what to do with it, everybody thinks its golden, that shit will break you out in handcuffs and divorce court! Somethink you really shouldnt try until youve completed many cycles!

I have not used it… I have been 6 days in using 50mg ED Test P Week 1-4 , Test E 500mg/ WK (2 x 250mg ), 50mg Winstrol Oral.
Aromasin (Exemestane) 12.5 MWF

Things are good TEST P HURTS LIKE A BITCH!!

[quote]Xnvseal wrote:
I have not used it… I have been 6 days in using 50mg ED Test P Week 1-4 , Test E 500mg/ WK (2 x 250mg ), 50mg Winstrol Oral.
Aromasin (Exemestane) 12.5 MWF

Things are good TEST P HURTS LIKE A BITCH!! [/quote]

what is your Body Fat%

High Teens

About 6ft sitting at around 218

[quote]Xnvseal wrote:
High Teens [/quote]

You wont know the difference because this is your first cycle and you dont know what each compound is gonna do, but the winstrol is a waste of money with that high of BF%, drop it and save it for when your down to a mucher lower percentage.

[quote]Xnvseal wrote:
I have not used it… I have been 6 days in using 50mg ED Test P Week 1-4 , Test E 500mg/ WK (2 x 250mg ), 50mg Winstrol Oral.
Aromasin (Exemestane) 12.5 MWF

Things are good TEST P HURTS LIKE A BITCH!! [/quote]

This is the reason I always promote one compound at a time and long esters to start, cause you got no clue what the winny is gonna do, which is nothing and now you got PIP (post injection pain) and you need to have site rotation. If you have swelling or knots from a previous pin then do not pin that area till it is gone, probably should do some research on different locations to pin. Good luck

I have my delts are awesome but my ass hurts :frowning: I will drop the Winstrol ASAP. What other sites are pretty good to go with? People said the ass is not bad but I will be honest it is where I get the PIP.