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All Inclusive Vacation Tips


I am going to Punta Cana on 8/17 for my honeymoon. We are staying at Dreams Punta Cana for 7 nights. I was wondering if anyone could offer any useful tips for Punta Cana or all inclusive resorts in general. Like what to bring, where to go, things to look out for, etc. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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just kidding, just have fun. that's the only tip.


I went to Punta Cana two years ago. Their all inclusive resorts are heaven on Earth. Very clean, a host of different restaurants, and great beaches. You literally don't have to spend a dime unless you want like really topshelf liquor. You want a cheap bulk have like 3 dinners the food is so fucking good. I spent most of my time there drinking Brugal and coke the local rum.

Presidente is there local beer and I thought it tasted great. Try a Mama Juana it will put you on your ass! If you get in good with one of the porters they will take you off the resort for a couple pesos, to get a taste of the way the locals live. That is the real way to tour the city. Most resorts have there own tour guide but its usually a watered down tour. My only advice would be is don't let the wife catch you staring at the local trim. Cuz there is some FINE trim in D.R., have fun dude.


Dreams Punta Cana is an excellent resort. You'll love it.

Make sure you upgrade to a honeymoon package if you already haven't. Upgrade 10 is the best value. They have a VIP conceirge, ask his opinion about tours. He can set you up with a driver who will stay with you off the resort.

Ditto on the Mama Juana. It's an herb they soak in rum. It will put you down so be careful.

The nightlife at Dreams is pretty banging. Some fun shows and the dancing goes on until the wee hours. Pretty good gym if I recall. You will also not find a better beach. Really unbelievable...so is the local talent so watch out if the new wife is watching. Seriously your neck will be sore from all the head turning. We never left the resort but I heard the golf course close by was excellent.

Himitsu and Oceana were two restaurants at the hotel I liked. You won't be hungry the food is over the top good.

Have fun and enjoy the trip.


Oh man I went to that place with my mom, brother, and grandmother when I was like 11. It was all-inclusive too and I didn't know Pina Caladas were alcoholic. I had like 10 and fell into the pool trying to get home by midnight.

I really liked it and did it again every night.


We got the honeymoon suite for 7 nights so the honeymoon package comes with it.

Mama Juana sounds like a lot of fun. I will report back how much/many I'm able to take down before passing out.

What kind of clothes were people wearing at the night spots? I don't have any idea what to bring other than swim trunks.


I'll bet you see someone wearing a Steeler hat before you even get checked in lol. Hope you have a great time.