All In the Hips

Hey all, I just have a question. My left hip is physically in front of my left by a couple inches. I can tell because when im standing and roll the barbell from a deadlift to my shins, it hits the left one at least two inches before the right. Which also effects my deadlift.

So whenever I squat I always try and make them even but then my left foot ends up behind my right by a couple inches which makes my right leg do all the work. Like my right leg will have a ton of DOMS whereas my left has little and there is a size difference. Sometimes my right knee joint even feels some pain the next day. Calf raises are even difficult because I have to have them in two different spots, not parallel to each other.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do about it? Or should I just do single leg squats and calf raises?

Thanks in advance - Jack

Have a look at mobility wod for hip alignment stuff. I can’t remember the episode number or the extract title but he addresses exactly this.

I had a similar issue several years ago. I had actually thrown my hip out of place while kicking footballs. I let it go for way too long and started getting all sorts of muscle imbalances. At one point, my right leg measured 2 or 3 inches bigger than my left and my squat became a weird slanted almost single leg squat. I finally broke down and went to a chiropractor who popped it back in a couple of times. One of the only times I’ve had good results from one. After a couple of months of light squats to get my form back and alot of single leg work, the problem went away.