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All-In-One Dumbbells

Do any of you own the all-in-one type dumbbells being sold by several brand labels now?

You know what I’m talking about: it’s one set of dumbbells, that can be any weight.

crap…maybe a link would work better…

here we go: http://www.sportsauthority.com/...rentPage=family

So, has anyone bought a set of these? I’d really like some feedback on how they hold up over time, and if you have any complaints about them.

When I moved to portland I sold my dumbbell set cheap to somebody - it wasn’t worth the cost to transport them with me.

But now I gots me no dumbbells.

And I thought these might be a good solution.

It’s not worth it, just look on craigslist.org or any newspaper and buy some regular adjustable dumbbells with some weight. Two 52lb dumbbells should not cost $400, at the end of the day it’s just a weight with a handle. If I’m going to spend $400 on something I’ll make sure it will aid me grately in my goals, and these dumbbells won’t be anymore beneficial than the regular ones.

Actually they are less beneficial because at least on a regular adjustable dumbbell you can buy bigger plates and add more weight. Do you really want to do rows with 52lbs?

Don’t waste your money man. For the same amount you could get some used weights a few tubs of Grow! and a hooker.

I got a power rack and 400 pounds of weight for less than 400 bucks… something to think about.

I’ve used dumbells like that, hell, the co-op I used to go to for supps/organic food sold ones that went to 50 pounds for 150 bucks, and I thought that was rediculous…

so anyways, they work OK, they’re a lot smaller than a weight rack to 50 pounds (which is the only benefit that I see with these). But once you need more than 52.5, then what? oh… dumbbell rack.

I have a set of power blocks that go to 130lbs, great for home, small compact and just about perfect. Made in the USA as well.

I’d agree that powerblocks are the way to go.

I never liked any other brand since anyone could out grow them with many different exercises.

I’d imagine powerblocks are easier than having to change the plates. I don’t have them yet because of their cost. The adjustable dumbbells are working, but it gets anoyingly slow when supersetting with an exercise that requires a much different weight.

I own a set of the PowerBlocks as well.
I purchased them due to space considerations while living in an apartment. Now, while I am building up modest home gym, they work very well – space is always somewhere in the plan.

Having the PowerBlocks for about a year, I am very pleased with them and would rec. them to anyone. The only problem spot for me was adding small increments of weight to the db’s. This was easily solved by purchasing magnetic weight plates … from Fitness Factory

Again, a strong thumbs up…waaay up!

I’ve got a set of powerblocks up to 90 Lbs.

I like them for when you need a quick change in weight.

I bought a display set so I got a few bucks knocked off.