ALL In One Dumbbells

Im looking for a set of dumbbells that can adjust from 10lbs to 90 or 100 lbs. Im looking at the bowflex select tech 1090 dumbbell set that goes from 10-90 pounds. It costs $600. Has anyone had any good experiences with a setup like this or is it worthless? Also if anyone could point me in the right direction to look for a good set, that would be very helpful… Thanks.

I own a set from 10-125 pounds…best investment ever.

I have just ordered a small set for PT purposes… if i was setting up a gym - i PERSONALLY would go with the real deal, but that is just the consumer in me!

A rack… oh yeah…
Full DB set… oh baby…
Assortment of bands… my god…
Chains…i love you all…

yep arnold WAS right…!

Power Blocks, should be a lot cheaper than $600.

An in-home client of mine ordered the smaller weight one, worked out nicely.

Something tells me there is an abundance of “used” sets out there like the ones you want…that haven’t actually been used.

I have a pair that go from 10lbs to 50lbs each. Recently a ladyfriend went to Walmart and got a mechanic’s creeper and put the dumbells on it. Easily slides out of the way, under a bed, etc. Cleaver idea storage wise, and I enjoy the adjustable dumbells.

College gyms regularly replace their dumbbells and throw the old ones out, every two years or so. Drive upt o one of them and talk to the guys in charge…I pinched a 100 pound DB from mine recently (only to have it stolen the same night)

Check on EBAY…there’s usually some boob who’s trying to sell his set (after having fallen out of the whole new year resolution thing) half price.