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All in one day

I’ve been reading for a while, but this is my first post I just feel I need to vent. Why the hell doesn’t everyone come into the gym after thanksgiving and feel like they can work off 7 years of thanksgivings in one day? Yesterday I seen people that look like they haven’t walked in years let alone lifted weights. In the way with bad form of course. The only joy is that today their all probably to sore to come in.

Doesn’t everyone have a story about why they started working out? A New Year’s resolution? A milestone birthday? Or feeling like a fat tub of shit after gorging yourself on turkey and mashed potatoes?

Nobody walked into a gym simply because they felt bored and didn't have anything better to do. Starting an exercise program is at the very least an attempt to change someone's lifestyle - for the better. True, 95% of the tubbies in your gym will probably disappear within a week, but there will also probably be one guy that will finally stick it out. You can think of it as seeing one less whale on the beach this summer.

True, we have to put up with the mass wave of novices after Thankgiving and New Years every year, but didn’t we all fall into that group at some point in out lives?

Don’t hate.

bEEN REEDIN’ AWHILE? (HeeYuck!). -i’m surprised you can. Try giving up some gym time and go back to school. Musclehead.