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All I want for christmas. Books on training recommended by t-men

I would love to hear some of you guys and gals favorite books of all time. I am really wanting to learn from everything from steroids, nutrition, training, etc. I have Poliquin Principles and love it. Anymore recommendations? P.S. I am also a personal trainer and would love any information on helping train clients. Peace

I want Renegade Training For Football by Coach Davies. I also want a steroid book, just because steroids fascinate me. I don’t think this is something I can ask my family to get me for XMas though!

If you do a forum search for books you’ll find a load of info.

I liked Fitness and Strength Training for all sports by J. Hartmann alot because its a complete reference book. Although it doesnt give you training programs it will definitely educate you well enough to recognize if a program you find elsewhere is sound and if it suits your current needs.

Secondly, I liked Stuart McRobert’s Brawn. Its a light read, but motivating. His programs resemble most Non-Mentzer H.I.T. programs. Following them isnt necessary. But what the book is great for is making you question what is optimal training. Ian King and others try to make that point, but none as clear as McRobert.

I’ll stop at 2 books or else the recommendations lose impact :wink:

Unleashing the Wild Physique by George Kennedy and Vince Gironda. It may be a bugger to find, but worth the search.

I will beat some of the old guys to it:
Super Squats / Keys to the Inner Universe (Bill Pearl)

Peridozation Theroy and Methodology of Training by: Tudor O. Bompa, PhD. and Designing Resistance Training Program by: Fleck and Kraemer

The information isn’t cutting edge, but the most enjoyable read I’ve had in the genre is “The Complete Keys to Progress” by John McCallum.

THe most inspirational book on training that I’ve read has been DINOSAUR TRAINING by Brooks Kubik. I cannot recommend it enough.
As far as seroids, I have the World Anabolic Review. It’s not really focused on how to use roids but it is essential because it has MANY pictures of real and fake gear, so you can tell them apart. There is some advice on usage, but you’d probably learn more on the T forum than anywhere else.