All I have to Say is WTF!

LMAO! Umm… No comment…

That’s just disturbing, on many different levels.

The only thing more disturbing than those photos is the fact that you’ve decided to share them with the T-nation! Just jokin
Seriously how the hell did you find something like that?

Here is the short Village Voice article that the website quotes.

I’d quote it but it might be a little too lewd. I wasn’t sure the pictures were real, but yeah, I guess the person in the portait brings along a man and there ya go.


ditto what usaffirefigher said.

and too bad none of the chicks are hot and wtf is up with the dudes? That’s just sick man.

Its a website that links to all kinds news stories, websites, games and such. I was like WTF is this and clicked on it. It was so frigging weird I just had to show the t-nation.

What in the hell…

“There are some things in life you can’t unsee”

Haha… man, yeah what’s with the dudes up on there? and no hot girls… hmm… Im at a loss for words now.

I thought it was rediculous that it would be considered art, and I also thought it was funny as heck. Then someone said it was real, and I was sad. I’ve seen disturbing things and that ranks up there.