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All I Do Is Squat, Press, and Pull!


Looking good man, I gotta keep better track of your log.


Nice PR… so Olympic lifting competitor or what :wink:


Thanks guys! The PRs will slow down at some point I’m sure of it lol.

BACK SQUAT (ss: Ab Wheel 5x15)

OH PRESS (ss: Chest Supported Row 5x10)

PENDLAY ROW (ss: Dips, Curls - 100)


I like the setup mate.
How long time do you spend in the gym?


1 hour.

Sometimes I finish way under, sometimes I finish like 5-15 minutes over. Just depends on what time I go and how busy it is. But I shoot for an hour of all out work.

I try to finish each “Section” in 20 minutes so like:

Squat (ss: Abs, Push Ups) - 20 min

Press (ss: Rows/Chin-Ups, Split Squat) - 20 min

Rows (ss: Dips, Curls, RDLs) - 20 min

I superset a specific exercise depending on feel and availability and whatever I’m in the mood for I guess.

I rest like 30s-90s between everything, so I’m really flying through. If I actually rested for like 3-5 minutes between heavy sets I’m sure I could lift a good chunk more, but since I don’t like running too much, flying through my workout helps with conditioning so this is why I like the way I do this. I got these ideas from @Evolv @Alpha and @T3hPwnisher. If you haven’t, I HIGHLY recommend reading through their logs.


I’m on @T3hPwnisher log it’s great.
But now I want to do strongman stuff :slight_smile:


FRONT SQUAT (ss: Chin-Ups 5x10)

BENCH PRESS (ss: DB Row 5x12, Split Squat 5x10)

RDL (ss: 3-Way Shoulder Raises (Front, side, rear) - 100 reps)



1 Hour of swimming.

Did some sprints, did some easy laps, did some a mixture of it all. Felt good to get in the water though.


BACK SQUAT (ss: Hanging Leg Raises 5x15)

OH PRESS (ss: Pendlay Row 5x8)

FARMERS WALK (ss: Curls - 100, Face Pulls - 100)
315 x 50 yards
315 x 50 yards
315 x 50 yards

NOTES: Nothing makes me as tired as farmers walk. I literally went home and slept right after my workout. But I wake up wanting to eat everything I see lol.


F*ck man did you just do 30 reps of 225 squat.
You’re insane :slight_smile:
Impressed mate


Lol thanks man. Well 225 is super light for me these days. 20 reps felt too easy, so pushed it to 30, but reps 23-30 were HARD. My lungs and quads were on fire lol.


I’m doing it. I’m running 531 Building The Monolith as of Monday. I’ve been wanting to run it for so long and now with my new strength levels I think I’m at the perfect spot to add some real size running it two times (12 weeks).

@T3hPwnisher hey man I’m going to run BTM the way you ran it in terms of giant sets, but I had a few questions:

  1. The ONLY changes I was thinking of making was:
  • Chin-Ups (too many) kill my elbows. I was thinking about for Monday 100 reps to do 5x10 chin-ups and 5x10 BB rows to get a 100 total reps of major back work in.

  • Just to save time I was thinking about changing the OH Press on Day 3 from 10x5 to 5x10.

Does this seem viable or would it change the program too much?

  1. How long were your conditioning sessions in between the lifting days?

  2. Any advice you would give me before embarking on this program?

My proposed way of doing it looks like this:

Back Squat - 5x5
OH Press - 531+
BB Row - 5x10
Chin-Ups - 5x10
Dips - 200
Band Pull Aparts - 100

Deadlift - 3x5
Bench Press - 5x5
DB Rows - 100
Curls - 100

Back Squat - 531, 1x20
OH Press - 5x10
Weighted Chin-Ups - 5x5
Shrugs - 100
Band Pull Aparts - 100

Sprint or Swim


Excited for you dude. It was a great program.

For point 2, I did 3 different conditioning workouts with 3 different lengths. 1 was a 50-60 minute weighted “vest” walk (wore chains instead of a vest), 1 was a 10 minute Stone of Steel EMOM workout, and 1 was a prowler workout. Prowler, from what I remember would be something like 10-40 minutes depending on what I was in the mood for.

For point 3, week 1 and week 4 are the worst. Just big shocks to the system. Don’t let them get you down; once you get through them, the rest is manageable.

For point, I couldn’t speak specifically to those changes, as I didn’t train that way. I theorize the 5x10 approach would not work well with the giant set approach, as those sets of 10 would generate significantly more fatigue than the sets of 5. Also, you start doing more than 10 sets in the second half, so I’m not sure how you would make the swap there. More reps, or more sets of 10?

If elbow pain is the issue with chins, I’d just vary grips as much as possible.


So how do you setup the giant set?
Have been looking at the BTM for a while


I think this is how I’ll superset everything to make it work for me.

Back Squat (Band Pull Aparts)
OH Press (Chin-Ups)
BB Row (Dips)

Deadlift (Curls, Shrugs)
Bench Press (DB Rows)

Back Squat (Band Pull Aparts)
OH Press (Weighted Chin-Ups)


Would lat pulldowns be an option for you? Might be easier on the elbow and you can load them up pretty good and keep the vertical pulling element.

Looking forward to seeing your progress! I’m going to give this one a go at some point myself.


Ahh that looks like a nice approach.
I thought it was kind of one giant set.
Like squat, Oh press, chin, dip, (BB row)
Hum hum I might try that.


When I ran it, giant sets were press-chin-squat and chin-squat-pull apart on day 1. Dips done at the end of the workout.

Day 2 was deads-rows-curls

Day 3 was press-chin-squat, then press-shrug-squat.

It was pretty awful, haha.


Thanks man, looking interesting.