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All Hormones in Check Except Estrogen



I have been off cycles for 3 years then last Sept decided to do a test cycle. Up until the cycles I was doing letro for 2 months (trying to suppress a gyno flare-up and then wanting submit it), felt so bad and was so smart (irony) that I decided to do a test cycle (the one in Sept-Nov) and continued to run the letro instead of adex as I usually did. So my estro was hardcore suppressed for 2 months + 3 months cyce + 1 month PCT. When I cam off I felt good but I went on DIM to make sure I had some long term support.

Did a blood test now and turns out I have 400% of the normal range estro (in the same level - but in the lower range - as that of a woman in the ovulating cycle) while all other hormones are in the good range (LH, prolactin, test, coritsol etc...). The only answer I got from my endo was that I should wait it put 2 months and then do blood tests again. Turns out I have 2 gynos the size of beef burger patties (disk formed and large but not conical, so it looks like implants...). However that is not the source of the estro, just a consequence of it.

The other option was to run adex for a while to suppress the estro. What do you think? To wait and let the body take care of business or to run adex?



To add to the data:

The outlier:
Estradiol E2 132 pg/L (7.63-42.6 is normal)

The in range data:
cortisol (evening) 7.9 micrograms/dL (2.3-11.9 is normal)
cortisol (morning) 18.30 micrograms/dL (6.2-19.4 is normal)
FSH 3.8 miu/mL (0.7-11.1 is normal)
LH 3.9 IU/L (1.7-8.6 is normal)
Prolactin 86.6 miu/mL (53-360 is normal)
Free T4 20.7 pmol/L (10.30-24.45 is normal)
uTSH 0.985 miu/L (0.4-4.0 is normal)
Testosteron 6.8 ng/L (2.49-8.36 is normal)

Thanks for any help or thoughts on this.


Use adex, then taper it, don't stop it immediately.


Get on clomid or nolvadex ASAP to deal with gyno. I recommend nolvadex because some feel like crap on clomid.

Post your labs, everything. ALT/AST might indicate a liver problem that increased E2

Please read the advice for new guys sticky.

What gear?


Hi KSman,

I am already scheduled for an operation in September for the gyno so I don't particularly care about the aesthetic issue right now. Only if it will help get estro into normal ranges in the long term will I consider it. Don't want another re-bound but it might be like you say connected to some other organ in the body.

I was doing letro + testo enanthate 500 mg/week (10 weeks) and var at 30 or 40 mg per day (12 weeks). I looked great and was ripped, the best look of my life but I lost it all due to a shoulder injury that didn't allow me to even put weights on a bar. It hurt that much. 6 months later at a physio visit they run my blood values as they restore my shoulders and find this oddity, upon which they send me to an endo.



Post your labs, everything. ALT/AST might indicate a liver problem that increased E2

Please read the advice for new guys sticky.

- typically has little impact on the liver

You still need to find the cause and not simply treat the symptoms.