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All Hell Hath Broken Loose

Ah, my beloved T-Family, lemme tell you an abridged 'lil story. As some of you are aware I will be starting grad school this fall semester (Studying Psychology but I also want a degree in exercise physiology/nutrition). Since I will only be taking three classes, excluding research and papers, I will have some free time, so I decided to look into a day job (For now I only have my summer job and a part-time evening gig as a night manager). So what better day job than working in a gym, eh? I enter a small yet respectibly-equipped gym about 10 minutes from my home, and am immediately offered a position as a personal trainer, as a current trainer is departing for Hawaii. Tale told, in four weeks I shall assume the position of personal trainer, supplement and nutrition specialist at Verol’s Gym in Great Neck, NY. Oh, this shall be fun. Lata.

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I can see it now, your tag will say: “Hi! I’m Monkeyboy Eric. Ask ME about a personalized weight training program. And please, no bananas.” he he he

I’m right there with you. Get ready to smack your forehead a lot. Since my employment is predicated on me not revealing how much I know (can’t challenge the boss!) I have also mastered biting my lip. Good luck.

Hey MBE, are you certified, or can you just get a job for knowing your stuff?

It depends on your state. in Coneecticut you must be certified by one of the organizations. You can have a degree from a major university, but you cann’t work as a trainer unless you get certified! WTF, huh.
So check out your state.
Best of Luck.

To Patman: Actually, you can get a job as a trainer WITHOUT knowing your stuff (or being certified). When I was at Bally, it was rampant.

And for MBE – be ready to do a lot of hard-sell. Most gyms I’ve ever been associated with are geared toward generating training contracts than actually getting results with the clients.

Eric, i live in hicksville, not to far away from great neck, and like you will be going into college in the fall at CW POST, hopefully getting a phys ed degree after 4 years, but i would also be very interested in an exercise physiology/nutrition degree or getting into that field eventually…i’m not sayin i want a job as a trainer, but do you guys need someone to just rack weights and clean up around the place a couple times a week, maybe i can stick my nose in the training business and see how t all works, you know,maybe get me started in the whole training area of work, i’m 17 and an avid reader and believer of pretty much all the stuff that goes on on t-mag, either way thanks alot, deuce

Thanks for the support, My fellow Freques. As per the questions, I do not have certification however being quite well-versed and very vocal about my knowledge was definitely a selling point. The owner said he’d like for me to get certified at some point and I might as well. Actually, this place is pretty hardcore. Deads, squats, guy even has his clients do power cleans. Trev, if you’re reading this I’d just like to quote Nelson of The Simpsons fame “haha”. Finally, Patricia, thank you. You always seem to be one of the first to respond to my idiotic little rants. Swing by the vines anytime. Lata.

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Well, I may be “swinging by the vines” next August. That is, if I do (in October) qualify for the Team Universe, which is held in Tribeca. Ko and I are hoping to meet all those T-Mag forumite regulars that live around that area.

Be sure to post when you are coming and I will try an be there to cheer you on.

Oh no, I can see the warning sign before you walk in. “Danger, personal trainer may be swinging kettlebells or feces. Enter at own risk” lol Congrats on the job, bro.

Deuce, you’re right by NY Barbell, my official protein/supplement supplier. The owner’s name is Sam, tell him you’re a friend of Eric an I sent you over, he’ll hook you up nicely w/ Biotest stuff. Anyhow, I will not be starting for several weeks but I’ll keep you posted as to what’s goin’ down at the gym. Bronx, once I establish my reputation I will be requesting my own private cage with padded sides for any k-bell mishaps. As for Feces flinging, not really my fettish, though I’m willing to kick it out of anyone C’ing in the SR. Patricia, you and Ko are definitely welcome around here. Let me know when you plan to swing on in. Thanks again, kiddies. Lata.

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Good luck on the job. Eventhough some of the clients might not be your style, it sounds like fun…ummmm…that’s all i had to say…

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eric, just wanted to thank you, these t-maggers are always looking out for eachother i appreciate the response, and goodluck with the gym, if you can, deff keep me posted, thanks alot man, Deuce