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All Hail the Super Efficient Heat Ball!



As you might or might not know, lightning bulbs are being outlawed in the EU. Thanks to Siegfried Rotthaeuser we must not despair though because he sells very efficient HEAT BALLS (tm).

These ingenious devices can be used in our former light sockets and give off 95% of their light in heat!

I would also like to point out that using the HEATBALL (tm) is good for the environment too, because of its amazing efficiency of converting energy into heat.


What's the benefit of having the damn thing give off so much heat?
What a conflict with cooling appliances in summer!

Imagine using one of those as your refrigerator light. Every time you open the fridge it turns momentarily into an EasyBake Oven.



In case you missed it the benefit of it being a heat ball is that would make it legal in the EU. And lots of refrigerators do have incandescent bulbs.


Some refrigeration guys I used to work with build hunting cabins out of old refrigeration room modules that they pick up from job sites. They claim that you can keep the places toasty warm in the winter with just a couple of 60 watt bulbs.


Hmm..... interesting.


I've bought a stockpile of the old style bulbs for future use.

Screw those tree hugging hippy energy saving curly bulbs!


Is the Eu planning on reclaiming a the dangerous gasses in florescent bulbs in the future?


Lots of electric heaters come in 1500 watt sizes, so technically, fifteen 100 W lightbulbs(or balls) would be 1425 watts(95% efficiency), plus you get some light, so that is a pretty good idea.


Just putting them up and having a work light inside would get stuffy pretty quickly. They go up like a house of cards with cam latch walls and lag bolt the lid on nice and easy. If you can get your hands on one from a remodel a couple of guys can put one up in about 20 minutes once the ground is prepared/relatively flat.


A heat ball that also produces light? Dual use product. Very ecologically sound.

Edison was a genius.