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All Hail Technoviking

UK is Nothing but Etards


What the hell is going on over there? RSG, Renton, DB, what the hell is going on over there?

That isn’t the UK. Still a strange vid though

Its like Love Parade in Europe. People get a series of floats with different DJ’s and people dance in the street. Just this guy happens to be a techo-hippy that is on the large size. Yeah they are all e-tarded out that is forsure. E-tards have a different mind set about life that is forsure.

Its a good way to get promo done for clubs or events being held at clubs. Some of these DJ’s get paid large money for a few hours work. IE Sander Van Doorn got $8000(this does not include air fair and hotel and extras) for 3 hours in my city with a small venue of 700 people.

TechnoViking has been around for a long time. He’s pretty much a Bamf.

Better recognize!!!