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all fruit

i use a product called all fruit in my oat meal and cottage cheese. my question is, is this stuff alright to eat? here is the list of ingrediednts: juice concentrates (pear and grape), strawberries, fruit pectin, citric acid and natural flavor. should i cut this stuff out during a cutting phase, use it all the time, or cut it out all together?
thank you

It’s most likely a bunch of fructose, which is a crap carb that only restores liver glycogen. I’d can it.

is close to a natural jelly, I used two table spoons in my baked oatmeal, egg white cake almost every morn. for 12wks during contest prep.

I use stuff like it to make my plain yogurt more palatable, on occassion, but I only use a small amount. If it makes the difference between you not being able to get your food down, use a little, but if you don’t need it and only use it because you have a weakness for it, boot it out of your diet.