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all fat loss expert, need your advice.

O.k I’m going to try to make this as short as possible. I’ve been lifting weight since the dawn of time but I have been lifting “non-religiously” for a long time now. During that time I have acquired some fat around the belly. Frankly, I look outta shape, not bad but still. I still train, kickboxing and weightlifting but the problem is my diet. Here is my question. I’m a single, busy guy. I never, ever cook at home and I’m always on the run. I want to get rid of this flab, how would a strict MRP diet go about. You know, six times a day for a month, I know that I would probabaly gag at the smell of a MRP after a month but I’m willing to suffer. I just dont want to have to deal with tons of skinless chicken and pounds of friggin tuna. I just want the quickest way to lose this gut, don’t care how tough it is. What do you guys think? Maybe, have one day of “junkfood” a week just to keep my sanity:-) Thank you!


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Sometimes, you need the FAQs.

Get your diet in order. This is the only thing that allowed me to lose over 80 pounds of flab.

I read Chris’ article a long time ago and I’ve tried it. No dice, didn’t work for me. That’s why I’m thinking taking off the one solid meal a day. Maybe that’s too drastic? Also the fat fast diet involves testosterone’s products that don’t work for me(no offense, guys). I don’t want to deal with pills, drops of sprays or any other miracle supplement. Except perhaps maybe a Multi vitamin. Any more advices? They are all welcome!

Let me get this straight - you half-ass train, refuse to keep a food log or control your diet and “the diet and supplements didn’t work.”

No. You didn’t work.

No more excuses. (The “too busy” one is particularly lame.)

Stop being a “diet wussy” and start a food log.

Also, adopt a training program like OVT by Thibaudeau.

The next time you start spouting excuses, do it in front of the mirror with your shirt off.

Hope this “tough love” helps.


I agree though. To lose the fat successfully I’ve had to change my whole attitude about a food diary, time management, etc. Guess what? I get more done now in a day with plenty of time to work out. And, I try to carry a can of tuna in my backpack with my swiss army knife to open it. I guess I’m agreeing with the boss above me, discipline is difficult but worth it.

LOL! Thanks for replying my thread Chris. I think I needed a good kick in the ass. Now having said that, I didn’t always half ass train. I followed strict diets and training regiments before. Success came with varying degrees. The difference is now I want it to be a little faster, even if it means greater discomfort. Chris would you still recommend the MRP diet and what are your thoughts about leaving the one solid meal a day?

Has anybody else had any experience with some version of the MRP diet?

Ok, people are being extremely polite about this so far and have given you appropriate answers, but you seem unwilling to listen to them.

An MRP only diet is not optimal, nor particularly healthy. There are better options out there, and many are on this site. Several have been listed in this thread already.

The busy excuse doesn’t fly with many of us, as I guarantee that there are people far busier than you who post here and seem to get the job done. It’s just a matter of making time and setting your priorities.

There are no quick fixes. There is no magic pill. Hard work, dedication, and some EFFORT are required. Good luck.

Glad you could take my post for what it was: a friendly kick in the britches.

Without knowing more about you, it sounds to me like you just need to be patient and more consistent. You kind of sound like one of those guys that tries a diet or program, doesn’t look like a pro-BB in two weeks, and quits. Just guessing though.

The MRP Diet was written as an emergency diet. It sure beats fried fast food for times when you have no other choices. If I were writing it today, I would change many things. For example, back when I wrote it there were no good quality low carb protein powders or post-workout drinks. I think T-Dawg 2.0 is your best bet though.

But this is beside the major issue here - and that’s you’re going to have to keep a food log and track macros and calories, regardless of the diet you choose. And you’re going to have to train hard and consistently.

You’ve asked for advice, but you’ve rejected it for one reason or another. I’m not sure what you’re wanting. My magic physique transformation wand is in the shop, so I can’t wave it and give you a way to lose 20 pounds of fat in two weeks while being lazy.

My best advice is to look at the Hot-Rox Results and Voting category of this forum and look at all those people who were “too busy” to eat and train right. They did it though and you can too. But you’re going to have to have a major paradigm shift and change of attitude before it happens. You may have to get mad at yourself and hit rock bottom before this happens.

If you’d like to provide more info (stats, schedule, age etc), I’d be glad to help. But if you watch more than an hour of TV a day or play video games then I have some more britches kickin’ to do.

O.K I’ve read and I heard. I will start a food log and I just read the T-Dawg diet. I will get on it. I just emailed Chris my stats and I will take it from there. Thank you all for bringing me back to planet earth. I forgot, there are not shortcuts.