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all chime in who have used it.....

i am writing a thesis on sports supplements and behavioral medicine. if you have used powerdrive, L-tyrosine, Gingko Biloba, PS, or DMAE in your training or in your scholastic pursuits, let me know and i’ll site Tmag in my paper. Thanks

I’ve used powerdrive.

I have used powerdrive for both. I didnt notice anything as far as scholastics go. Tried it for a test and homework. However my workouts were better, I seemed more focused and maybe even a little bit stronger. I have used Gingo Biloba as well. I was able to get through Calc II ok with it. I think it attributed something to my concentration as well as memory. I stopped taking it after the class and now I dont remember any calc…hmmm…

TC and I both use Power Drive before we tackle long articles. PD is also gaining a rep for students taking the SAT. Some add a little caffeine to the mix.

never take an accounting exam w/o pd!!

Would powerdrive be beneficial for hockey players do you think?

I’ve used Power Drive as a “pick me up” in the mornings, sometimes paired with MD6, and have had noticeable positive effects on mood, mental focus, and overall sense of well being. I also have used it alone pre-workout and noticed similar results, with the added benefit of a more intense lift.

I’ll give you something for the scholastics side of the coin. I will use DMAE for certain situations. I am a teacher and am working on my Master’s. I use it when I’m taking tests, when I may be lecturing on something in depth, a morning pick me up, or if I’m going to be in an important social setting - needing to remember names and focusing. Did you know that DMAE used to be given to children with ADD? It can work as a sort of ritalin.

steve- Back when Poliquin was a regular at T-mag he put all his hockey players on it. I’m guessing hockey players were one of the first pro-athletes to use it. TC or Tim wrote a while back that a lot of top level sprinters use it too.

If I was to comment after my first 10 servings,I would have said it was garbage.But by half way through I was definetly feeling more focused at the gym,and by the end of my first bottle,I knew I wanted more.It took a while to work for me,but it’s probably one of my favorite products.Steve,as far as hockey players using it,Poliquin made a comment about one of his athletes (not sure which)telling his teammates that they had to stop using his,and buy their own.I have a feeling anyone that plays on a team with someone Poliquin has coached is probably using it.