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All Cereal / Protein Shake Diet

[quote]LoneLobo wrote:
You guys are retarded. Did no one read Lowery’s “Temporal Nutrition” or the PWO revisited? It’s not all about P+C ratios, or nutrient combination. It’s about macronutrients. Physique wise, if you eat the same amount of calories, carbohydrates, and protein, it doesn’t really matter where your food choices come from in terms of body comp. Yes, if you did this for 3 years you might have some nutrient deficiencies. If you lived on cereal and protein for 3 weeks, no, you would not die, nor would you turn into a fat beast.[/quote]

This is similar to what I’ve heard about Mike Mentzer’s views on nutrition, at least at one point.

I think for my diet I will combine corn oil, soy protein and maltose. My macros will be 40 percent carbs, 30 perpcent protein and 30 percent fat. I will initially consume 250 kcals a week less then maintainence and reduce it by an additional 250kcals every three weeks thereafter.

What do you think will happen? I foresee my blood lipids and cholesterol going stupid, my V/LDL hitting the ceiling while my HDL drags along the floor. I will get fatter, slower, weaker and what little physical prowess I have will deteriorate.

I like Lowery’s stuff and I think he’s a stand up guy. I highly doubt he would agree that food choices are inconsequential within a given macronutrient scheme.

A simple point is that various food components have pharmacologically relevant effects. To say that the end effect on one’s physique of 25 grams of trans fat vice 25 grams of polyunsaturates from fish oil is equivalent is laughable and reflects a lack of understanding of practical biochemistry as it applies to human nutrition.

Now, if you need to qualify your above post to make it more accuate do so, but issuing that statement as is and calling the other posters “retards” is distateful and ignorant.



man this is a really good thread. i knew that most of that stuff was not good for you, but the science behind it is was really well explained. and i have some new articles to read. thanks!

oh and i’m a peanut butter captain crunch nut myself. i haven’t had any in like 2 weeks. can’t wait for some cheating, but not til thanksgiving.