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All Carbs from Broccoli?


Well right now I am trying to lose some fat. And I know broccoli is healthy. Would it be fine if I got all my carbs from broccoli, except for my post-workout shake of coarse.

I can go to BJ's buy 7 of the 5 pound bags and go through one of them each day, or something like that. Is this a bad idea? I am not going to run out and go buy 35 pounds of broccoli right now, this is just a thought in my mind.


Do you like any other vegetables? Spinach, kale, etc.


Well, there is no such thing as essential carbs. You're fine with broccoli health-wise. Aside from the cubic tons of gas....so be sure to boil or steam the stuff. Please?


I really do not like very many vegtables. And broccoli is easy to get in giant packages


I just toss it in the microwave. I am guessing thats fine? That is pretty much how I cook everything.


Do it and let us know how it turns out.


Do you only do exercises that you like, or do you do the ones that are likely to make the biggest difference to your physique?

Do yourself a favor and learn to like a greater variety of vegetables.


I am just kind of clueless on this. Would there really be much of a difference in results from eating a variety of vegetables compared to just eating a lot of 1 specific vegetable? I don't mind forcing crap down I don't like if I have to.


Be good to your self and buy some Gas-X because you may experience some intestinal gas pain with that much broccoli.

I've roasted broccoli and that wasn't bad. You put it in a plastic bag with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, put on a cookie sheet and roast in the oven at 300 until it gets where you want it.

I've also made broccoli mash where you mash the heck out of it and add hot sauce.

get the Gas-X


you really should eat more of a wide variety of veggies so you make sure your getting a broad range of vits minerals phytos and what have you.

i like to steam my broc just because its a heck of a lot easier to eat.


Using microwave extensively probably blows ass for your health. But if you don't particularly care it shouldn't hurt your progress otherwise. Good luck with that.


Jesus, 5 lbs of broc a day?

Good luck with that.


Get a veggie steamer.

I've been eating broccolli and green beans everyday during the week. I get the big frozen bags and steam them. Brocolli gets old, but I still enjoy the green beans. I don't weight it, but the bags say 26 ozs and I go through 1 a day. 5 lbs sounds like a whole lot.

It took about a week for me to adapt, then the gas stopped being a problem, but it was pretty brutal for a bit.

Cucumbers are great too. Pretty cheap, and if you don't feel like cooking anything just eat a cucumber.

Spinach goes in whenever I use the blender to make a shake.

Then bell peppers are diced in the fridge for my eggs in the morning.

...Thats been my veggie routine, except for some asparagus a couple times a week when I make salmon. Its pretty easy and effective.


How is that?


Just get one...


Backwards actually, microwaves are similar to steaming.

Just faster, there is nothing lost using a microwave, it can only heat the water by using friction.

A microwave is an alternating field so it switches water (polar) back and forth, causing it to heat up by more or less "friction".

Its just rapid steaming, its just as good for you as steaming.


You lose 74-92% of the flavonoids.


cucumbers and celery rule because they are crunchy, they taste good, and are very portable. speaking from experience, broccoli is not something you want to be carrying around all day at school/work/whatever you're doing. Especially if you're dumb like me and seasoned it with garlic containing spices....not a good scenario.


Where do they go?

Also, for sake of comparison, how much of the flavonoids are lost through other conventional cooking methods?

Finally, where are you getting your figures?


He said he'd eat one of the packages a day.

OP, I eat 12 oz a day, or 3/4 of a pound, of broccoli. No problems here, no gas. I get those steamfresh packages.