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All Brain, No Brawn....


I''ve recently done an instructors course and the guy who was doing it was pretty smart, phd and shit etc, 15yrs background of studying and training folk....anyway we were practicing deadlift, empty plastic bar, group full of non-trained folk, woman and so on.

He comes over to me during my demonstration of it and says 'you deadlift, i can tell cos your form looks perfect' im like yep, was doing it last night heavy. He's like 'good, how much are you doing?', im like 'i've just hit 440lb (im 5'10, bout 180lbs)' and he's like 'very nice, maybe you should do it with a wider stance then...blah blah etc,' and im like 'i would do but thats just my conventional'....anyway, some other guy says to the tutor 'do you deadlift,' trainers like 'nope, i haven't trained for over 12yrs' he then starts chatting to me again and goes 'it's still a good lift like that but i could do 550lb because of my motor skills, knowledge and technique even though ive never lifted heavy.'

WTF fuck, dudes alittle ginger guy, weighs about 130lb and not an ounce of muscle, i was left gobsmacked and didn't wanna show him up or put my foot in so just stood their...gobsmacked!


Maybe he can. :slight_smile:


What's being a ginger have to do with anything?

Oh, and since you stood there without a retort, he won.


Ginger: 1
You: 0


you should have loaded up the plastic bar and given him a go at it.


Hey KKK,

I'm not sure why, but your avatar has me lolling!


Is this one of those threads where the OP posts a clumsy attempt at making themselves look good by posting some fictional story, only to have it backfire?


Haha I can't look away!


Not a fictional story, just felt the tutor was trying to get one over on me when i told him my lift. Ginger has nothing to do with it, was just trying to give a description of him, his appearance and what i thought was pretty lame on his part.

The guys built like a pre-pubescent boy, says he hasn't trained for 12 years and is only about 28. I work my ass off to get my lifts up and he has the cheek to say he could, without no training, just knowledge, smash my lift, is abit disrespectful :stuck_out_tongue:

The fact i didn't comeback with anything was because it was piss poor of him to bullshit such an extreme amount he could lift!


The OP's original post would be OK, but T-Nation is unmerciful on newbies but very kind once you've proven yourself. That's why I love this site. Great camaraderie.
I'm not sure what the post count should be before a post like the OP's, but I'd say over 200 posts would be better.


I'm picking up what you're putting down. Last year I participated in a charity CrossFit workout that provided lunch to the participants. I had to laugh because with all their paleo teachings they actually served beer at this thing.

Anyway, one of the trainers who had a decent score in the workout couldn't even unscrew the top of his beer bottle. Me and my useless non-functional muscles had to do it for him.


Ok, im sorry, i forgot i need to validate stuff here lol
What do i need to prove about my post though, that he said that, that he couldn't lift 550lbs etc, that i can dead 440lb even though i have a shit ass squat of only 242lb?


The new gym PT manager is a lil guy too. He runs marathons. He always says hi to me and talks to me because I still have training sessions on the books and he'd love to train me. I'm just waiting for the day I can ask what his deadlift is. I know he doesn't do it so my 185 is gonna shine (I'm a girl and an old girl at that). My biceps are bigger than his. It's just hard to take advice from someone who doesn't walk the walk, right? Oh I think there is another thread about advice....and lifts...and looks......




You should have called him out on it. Still Im with you. I dont respect anyone who doesnt practice what they preach.


Dood, he says he hasn't trained in 12 years but is only about 28?

Either your joke-detector is broken beyond fixing...

or you are making stuff up...

or maybe he was once upon a time an elite teen lifter. :slight_smile:


Irondwarf & debraD:

Yeah I found this sweet avatar on some 'funny gif' site. It took me a long time to figure out how many different things it turns into.

Banana - Pickle - Carrot - Pepper


I'm tiling it on the desktop of my co-workers PCs first thing on Monday!


It means he has no soul.


Haha. I wonder how many will have seizures :smiley:


ive killed more than a few afternoons looking at yours