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All-Around Athlete But Lifts are Low


i feel like my lifts are kinda low for my weight and size, i play soccer,kick for football and am currently wrestling and i am 5'7 and 140. my bench is 175 on a good day, my back squat is 260 my deadlift is 160. is this good average or just crap and does anybody know how i could increase the overall power in my legs for kicking a soccerball and football


Gain weight


yeah but i hav to maintain weight for wrestling im just now gettin into lifting so sorry if i sound retarded and i have a hard time gaining weight


High School Wrestling is just some utterly irrelevant mickey mouse shit. Do yourself a favor and DON'T FUCK UP your physique for life because you had to cut weight for wrestling. Try to see the big picture here.
You're young and in your prime in terms of natural growth (both weight AND height wise). Don't throw all this potential out of the window for some slight advantage in fucking high school wrestling!
Eat big ('cept for soda,candy and that shit), get stronger on your lifts while maintaining good form, get your 8 hours of sleep and again, EAT!


well ima finish this season out though cus i already bought my shoes and shit and yeah my brother said the same thing and i dont eat a lot of crap foods


lol @ the mindset of a youth

Dude. If youre going to have a reason why none of the advice is possible for you to follow, just stop posting. Kids making excuses get laughed off this site faster than anything

Strength comes from a bigger muscle. A bigger muscle comes from a growth stimulus and the food to support growth. If you arent getting stronger and your routine is absolutely perfect than you have maxed out your strength at your current level of development. Your option to get stronger is to add more muscle mass.

If you arent gaining weight you need to eat more. It doesnt matter how much you eat now, it isnt enough if you arent gaining weight. Plain and simple.

Fuck your wrestling shoes, you ever hear of ebay? Or wearing them to the gym to deadlift in?


There's really no excuse for such a low deadlift, even at your size. My girlfriend is 115 at 5'6'', has been lifting for about 8 months and can already deadlifts 160 for 4 reps. And if your deads are only at 160, I'm calling bullshit on the 260 squat.


you should be training like this. the kids he trains develop RAW POWER and all didn't have to put on bulky muscle that'll just slow them down. they also squat more than they deadlift


beginners forum. No need for that ^


what does your workout plan look like? and you definitely aren't squatting low enough


no, gawddammit, no. dont post this here.


it was sarcastic dude, their coach is a complete twat.

OP - comparing your squat and dead numbers - was that even a parellel squat?


I know what it is. Whats the point of sarcasm in the beginners forum?




practice kicking. kick a lot, and train around your kicking.



quit power curtsy-ing and do a full squat, and unless your #1 in your region/state/whatever wrestling ends when you graduate and won't mean shit.


sorry, i was just too excited about his video. i'll try not to mislead anymore