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All About September

I am going to use this to log my progress for my first Powerlifting Meet in September, it will be with the Nasa Federation.

1-7-2019 Bench 225 5x5, bodyweight dips 3x8, 50 3x12 dumbbell bench press, lat pull down 105 5x10 latpull down, 95 5x10 low cable pull, 135 3x8 bent over rows, seal rows 85 3x8, and ended with tricep pushdowns 3 sets till failure.
1-8-2019 Nothing but 5 sets of 30 second holds planks and 5x12 on ab wheel.
19–2018 Squat 6x3 350, felt a weird tightness in my hip on belt squat so only did 1 set of 8, leg press 405 3x15, leg curls 95 3x8, leg ext 3x12 130, and ended the day with steady state cardio.

1-10-2019 deadlifts 275 8x5, bent over rows 135 3x8, t bar rows 95 3x8, GHR bw 6x6.

1-11-2019 football bench 190 5x8, triceps where on fire at this point. Over head tricep ext 65 pounds 3x10, incline bench on machine 225 3x10, sitting dumbbell shoulder press, 45, 3x8. Going back tonight after work and hitting ssb squats and prowler, planks and abwheel. Today is fasting day to boot.