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All About Energy...

I rather ask the question(s) i got, in this forum…
well… Im all about energy… Getting really tense, and bomb-like if i dont get the energy out of the system… I cant find my real “place” in the World of Workouting… So i ask you if you got any ideas… I were in the army for 2 years…
and im really hooked on - Cleans,jerks, sledgehammer, pull-push-press, strongman and so on…
Im 190 cm, 79,4 kg - fat percent 6,6% - workout 10-11 hours a week…
i think hypertrophy tend to be a little boring…
Low intensity… you know?
Im ekto-mesomorphic bodytyped… and a lot of raw energy.
I work as a sportsinstructor 38 hours a week (fulltime)
Im asking because i want - BEAR mode… not only PUMA mode!!
If you got any ideas you would like to share. Please share :slight_smile:

Ermm you could try strongman If you enjoy it so much, might want to put abit of size on if you do go for strongman.

I’m just trying to throw you a bone before someone eats your face on this forum. 99.9% of people that I’ve met that have been successful in strongman aren’t even half as self-obsessed as you imply to be by your pictures and almost no one I’ve ever met that was successful in strongman would have a picture showing off their wicked six pack. These kinds of mentalities are much more acceptable in body building.


Cool dog.

LOL this made my night slightly better.

I did not post this so you could kick it Down. I asked and attached so you could see The physique and give me ideas. But once again you Assholes dont do help :wink: The pictures of The wicked sixpack is from The day IN a Crossfit contest. Fucking idiots.

See but that is thing no one espeacially no one in this section gives half a fuck about your awesome six pack. That doesn’t help any one give you any advice. Also you never really asked a fucking question that would involve answer a Strongman competitor could give you. But ill try…

Hypertrophy is Boring oh ok… well it sounds like you just fucked your self because it should be one of your main concerns if you want to compete in Strongman. You need size a fucking TRUCKLOAD of it unless you plan to compete in the very rarely seen under 175lbs weight class in which case I can’t fucking help you anyway considering that class to me is like lazy crossfit Unless your under 5’2.

So take all your RAW energy and go fucking BEAR mode. Fucking learn how to eat to get big and train heavy. Take all your energy and use every bit of it under a squat bar and putting things over your head for max weight. Lastly stop worrying and showing off your six pack no one here gives a rats ass. I am sure there is fitness forum somewhere you would be god like but its not here. When your ABS are your best physique feature you have some fucking problems in pure strength sports unless your 250lbs and there still your best feature. I understand you wanted to show your physique but why, Strongman is in no way a physique sport. You score zero points for it. You could have easily have just gave your stats and we still woulds have concluded your entirely to fucking small to be a serious competitior. And could have saved the pictures and you would not have seen like arrogant prick who likes to show off his ABS.

Use some situational awareness next time you post and you wont get shot down by every person on a thread. No one on this sight shoots peoples questions down just to do it. So when you have a entire secstion giving you a bit of hell chances are your the fucking idiot. :slight_smile:

hahahahahahahahahahaah shoot yourself reed… please

[quote]Silvicus wrote:
hahahahahahahahahahaah shoot yourself reed… please[/quote]

Reed speaks the truth, strongman ain’t a beauty contest

Lol really shoot my self… why? Because I made numerous points. Good deal see ya around buddy hope some one can sugar coat everything for like you want. I gave you the advice I could with what you gave. Itold you what you needed to hear take it or leave it I hope you the best. But in the future think before you post and maybe you wont have people laughing at you and just maybe you’ll get some advice and help until then the crossfit forum would probably be most beneficail for you. Have a good day.

[quote]PJS2010 wrote:

[quote]Silvicus wrote:
hahahahahahahahahahaah shoot yourself reed… please[/quote]

Reed speaks the truth, strongman ain’t a beauty contest[/quote]


You didn’t ask a question. You just bragged on your abs then told someone who tried to help you understand this site to “shoot himself”
So you come off as an arrogant asshole. If you want to do strongman you’ll need to gain weight. I would recommend heavy squatting, dead lifting, and over head press. Pick up heavy things and walk with them. Be creative. That’s the beauty of strongman, you just have to be strong overall.
Buy the captains of crush and work your way up.

I don’t think you guys understand.

It’s not the guy in the picture posting; it’s the dog. Obviously.

Seriously, get this guy out of the forums. People like this should just start being banned on site.