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All About Digestive Enzymes

I’ve been hearing ALOT about digestive enzymes and the benefits they give, and I want to start taking them. Problem is, I don’t know what to get, or what I should even be looking for. There are alot of different brands that have alot of different active ingredients and enzyme ratios.

For those that take digestive enzymes, or at least have some knowledge on the subject, give us your thoughts and experiences.

What brand do you use and what have you tried in the past? Any undesireable side effects? What specific enzymes should a DE supplement contain and in what kind of quantities?

I had an interest in this subject also!

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I think one of the best ones out there is Omega-Zyme by Garden of Life. Because of the price, I only take one at each meal (5) and then take NOW Super Enzymes. The Omega-Zyme has a lactose break down enzyme, which the other doesn’t. That is basically why I take both, one a littel more inexpensive and the other containing any enzyme I need. My whole digestive system shut down in February, of which the doctor’s gave me know answers for, so I started enzymes on my own. No side effects that I have experienced.

I hopes this helps!


I take and can recommend solgar digestive enzymes

I use Nature’s Way Primadophilus Bifidus. One a day does it for me. 5 billion cru per cap. I keep them in the freg.

I am on a bulking-up drive at the moment,staying lean has taken a back seat for a while,and I am eating a lot of calories,I struggled to get all my food down and digested,especially without getting stomach cramps,wind,and feeling queasy when ‘force-feeding’
(For those not familiar with a major bulking-up diet,sometimes you are not hungry at all,but have to eat whether you want to or not)
I tried eating different yoghurts,but they only made a little difference.

I recently have been taking a probiotic by myprotein.co.uk called ‘Super Acidophilus 3 Billion’ which contains 8 different strains of gut-friendly bacteria,it also contains a prebiotic.
I have noticed far better digestion since taking them,and can take on more calories a lot easier,seems to settle my stomach-I take two a day.

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