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All 1st Aid/CPR Instructors Fat?

I just had to rant about this to get it off my chest. I was reminded about it when I read SicTorn’s No Heavy Lifting thread. I started this one so as not to hijack her thread.

I recertified my CPR/1st aid through the Red Cross this past weekend. Of the two instructors, one was fairly overweight and the other was obese. Ironically, last time I took this class, I had a different instructor who was also obese. What gives?

To top it off, the fat bitch refused to teach the final chapter of the book entitled “healthy lifestyles”. Her reasoning behind not teaching it was that she would feel like a hypocrite teaching it because she had an unhealthy diet and didn’t do any exercise.

More likely, talking about healthy living made her feel like shit for being too lazy to look after herself. This woman actually confessed driving 1/2 a block from her hotel parking lot to the A&W next door rather than walk across the parking lot. She also argued against the exam question which stated that regular exercise could help prevent injuries. She said something to the effect that she’s less likely to get injured sitting on her couch watching TV than if she exercised or played a sport.

I have nothing against fat people (ok maybe a little), but lazy, ignorant fat piss me off!!

Come to think of it, I’ve seen a lot of grossly obese EMT’s and Paramedics, too. You would think they would know better, hauling heart attack victims to the ER every day.

Well, not all of us are obese… to be honest my partner and I usually go lift while on duty… park the ambulance outside the gym and go workout… Nice way to earn a living… we do respond if we get a call, but if not…hey might as well be liftin right?? lol
But I do agree, EMS is polluted with many unhealthy individuals…