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Alito to Skip Bama's Bash Fest


"Asked if he would attend the State of the Union address next year, after the TV cameras this year caught him objecting to President Obamaâ??s denigration of the countryâ??s highest court, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said, â??I doubt that I will be there in January.â??

Delivering the Manhattan Instituteâ??s prestigious Wriston Lecture on Wednesday evening, Alito noted that other justices, like the recently retired John Paul Stevens and current Justice Antonin Scalia â??stopped the practice of attending State of the Union addresses, because they have become very political.â??

Attendees of the black tie event in New York City told Newsmax that Alito complained of it being â??very awkwardâ?? for the justices who attend the annual speech in the presence of the assembled members of both houses of Congress.

â??We have to sit there like the proverbial potted plant,â?? Alito said, and provoked howls of laughter from the crowd when he deadpanned that the justices who are â??more disciplined refrain from manifesting any emotional opinion whatsoever.â??

He should have walked out of the last one. What an uproar that would have caused!!