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Alistar 'Sasquatch' Inglis 355kg Sqt, 300kg DL


Here is CSE, Edinburgh's resident freak Alistar. Alistar is 124kg in bodyweight and 18 years old.


That is just stupid strong especially at 18. Ridiculous. What do his bench numbers look like?


what the hell are kg's?


In kg's his age in the US is almost 40


Mendes Squats more, deeper, with less noise and equipment

I still wouldn't mind being as strong as either one of them though


He be better:


Seriously. After watching Pat's 800lb squat all these "to parallel" squats just reek of stale pussy haha. I can't wait to see how much stronger Pat will become.


That squat rack is terrifying.


I think I've seen that dude lift before when I've been at pleasance once (or if it weren't him, it was his body double). terrifying


needs more deadlift.