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Alieve for Muscle Soreness?


Is it ok to take Alieve or any other pain reducer for soreness after a workout? Not excessive soreness, just the usual.

  • Ethan


I believe thing such as Alieve and Motrin prohibit muscle gains.

Who doesn't love the feeling of being super sore the next day anyways? Embrace the soreness.


Good call. Same is true for aspirin and other pain relievers.


It's also not a good practice as these are NSAIDs are not healthy for your liver and kidneys when taken regularly. Look at the high profile professional athletes that have had problems in recent years (Alonzo Mourning and others) as a result of using ibuprofen daily for pain relief.



really aspirin too? I thought all that stuff did was thin the blood. ..

but yeah I dont see the point in take pain relievers for DOMS.. . if its for an injury or inflammation pain I can understand it. ..


soreness = good. enjoy it


don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it...one of the best feelings is waking up in the morning and feeling that soreness. But tonight I took it because I had a headache and my back was aching pretty bad. now that i know it'll slow down my muscle growth - never again.

  • EP