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Alienware Computers?


I'm considering a new compy in the unknown future. Of the companies I am looking at Alienware is a frontrunner, just wanted tos ee if anyone had any experience with them. I am considering a laptop from the Area 51 line.

1. Superior craftmanship
2. Faster, stronger and smarter computers than almost anyone is making
3. very cool

1. reports that it takes a long time to get your laptop built and shipped
2. very short battery life
3. 10lbs, that's the weight of the machine

Now I think this machine may be good for my situation because:
A I alreeady have a computer so I won't be suffering until it arrives
B I primarily leave my laptop plugged in, I only use a laptop for space concerns and because, occasionally I will lug it with me but I do very little mobile computing
C The cost is very similar to a decent computer from IBM or Dell
D My current computer just doesn't ahve the power I would like it to but it remains very prtable and would be a great machine if I could trim the system down.

Please feel free to add thoguhts. I appreciate your attention.


If I had the cash I would df buy an alienware, the rule!


powernotebooks.com has great ontebook computers that you can customize yourself....even the motherboard, or they used to, which is where most companies like Dell skimp. Alienware is definitely the best in the business for gaming systems though.


Just a thought, but I'm not doing anything about computers until vista is released next year. If you are going to get one, make sure it will run Vista.


Alienware was bought by dell. Anyways there over priced and not worth it unless you want some cheap custom case and mouse. You can buy much better computers for much less. Alienware is over-rated and not even close to worth the money. Go to any other custom pc site, save yourself lots of cash. alienware/falcon-nw etc are all ripoffs.


Most laptops will have terrible battery life after a year or two -- it doesn't matter if you normally use it plugged in or not.

Mine has a battery life of less than five minutes, and I rarely ever used it for mobile computing.


No no no. Alienware WERE the best. Now it's these sexy little do-dads:



If you have the know-how, buy the latest Dell and customize it yourself. It's not that hard and you can get the necessary parts (memory, etc.) for less off reputable eBay sites than having AlienWare upgrade/install for you.


Well, my Alien is fantastic. Better than any Dell or HP product. Known through personal experience. I give it two thumbs up. So does Kane, Raziel, Unreal, Half Life and DOOM. Owned it for more than two years now, and when I finally get a new one, it'll be another Alien. I wish you many wasted hours of gaming on your new Alien.


They are good computers i agree, but you can get better for cheaper if you look around. If you want some good sites just pm me.


Don't but computers, buy components and assemble it yourself. It will be cheaper overall, and you'll have a computer case full of quality componenets instead of whatever the manufacturer could get the cheapest that day.
The drawback is that if anything breaks, you're stuck with manufacturer warranty service. Its a decent tradeoff for 30% or more of the total price.


Build your own if you think you can handle it.


You're telling this guy to scratchbuild his own laptop? Who do you know that does that?

Anyway, I have an Area 51 that I bought in January, and pretty much everything the original poster cited is in line with my experience. The build time on mine was 6 weeks and the battery life is lousy. I don't mind the weight so much, but it is very heavy and runs very hot, so "laptop" might not quite the way you want to use it.

All the same, if I had it to do over I'd have waited a month and purchased a Macbook Pro, as it would have been mroe useful for work.


Why not buy a desktop? If you already have a notebook computer. Desktops completely rape laptops when it comes to gaming anyways, if thats your thing. Just buy the parts and assemble it yourself, http://www.newegg.com
is a fav. of mine to buy parts. I'm not sure if you know how to already, but I bought a simple building a pc for dummies book, and it helped me out tons.


I do. It's not all that hard; nearly every connector is uniquely shaped, and the ones that aren't are pretty obvious. My biggest problem was that the connectors are quite small, and I've got broad palms. Read the directions (twice!), make sure you're grounded at all times, and its a half-day thing.


Alienware is definitely a good brand, although i've heard horrible, horrible, horrible stories about their customer service and their build/shipping times. If you have the money to spend on a laptop, I highly suggest some voodoo machines.

They are cream of the crop and their customer service is rated as one of the highest in the business. They have some absolutely incredible machines...

Now, I hope you have the money. You're thinking about an Alienware, so obviously you planned on spending a bit and that's the only reason i'm suggesting a voodoo... But definitely at least take a look at them.

And while you're at the site, take a look at their Desktops, too... Those Omen machines are some baaaaad boys.



Alienware was bought by Dell.


But he's looking for a laptop, which this company doesn't make.



Not a bad deal for a dual-core laptop.





If you are gonna spend that sort of money, i would recommend the above companies over Alienware.