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Aliens Exist?


So the other day I was watching "Fire in the Sky" and I got to wondering about whether they could really exist or not.



Let's hope this one doesn't develope to a god-debate.

The odds say they do(Or did). I personaly would love if they do.


Yea I'd like to keep God out of it but it goes how it goes.


Of all the "supernatural" things out there, I find this one the most plausible. I hope there is life elsewehre, too.


Depending on how you define supernatural, what you're saying doesn't really make sense.


I guess it depends how you define "alien". Would some sort of single-celled organism qualify or are you talking about creatures with equal or greater intelligence to ours?

If you're talking about Hollywood-style aliens, existing at this very minute, I'd be willing to bet there are some, although probably fewer than a lot of people think. The closest estimate we have is the Drake equation and that (understandably) takes a lot of liberties. Even given the enormity of space it is quite remarkable for a highly-intelligent society to form. So many environmental and temporal conditions would have to be in place.

I do think that in the history of the universe, there would be a staggering number of intelligent societies that have existed.


Poor choice of words on my part. Let's not nitpick.


It would be pretty self-centered to think that there is no life anywhere outside of our planet. Whether or not any of this life has visited our planet is another story, but it most likely does exist out there. There's already proof that Mars had water on it at some point, which would have blown people's minds 100 years ago, and we know that Venus very well may have had an atmosphere similar to ours at one point. There could be millions of planets with intelligent life on it.

As a side note, I'm going to predict that this turns into a religious debate in about ten posts from now. I will gladly participate when it does.


I believe they could exist. If they do that doesn't mean I ever want to have contact with them. Especially if they are intelligent beings. We can't get along with the people we currently live with, I doubt we would get along with aliens.


I have no doubt there is life somewhere out there in space even if its just a single celled organism.

But here is what I really beleive.The world is 4.5 billion years old and the universe is is 13 billion years old.Humans evolved out of africa about 200,00 years ago.Now compared to earths 4.5 billion years, 200,000 is a grain of sand on a sand dune.There very well could have been hundreds or more advanced civilizations on many planets long before the first ice age on earth ever melted.Maybe we are the only inteligent life now but I think it would be arrogant to assume we are the only life ever.

Space obviously holds the building blocks for life becuase it made us.The moon has ice, Mars has ice, Jupiters moon Europa is covered with ice and beleived to be a large ocean underneath.

Earth and the milky way are just another planet in another galaxy in the mix of this giant universe.


I believe they do also, It's hard to believe with the size of the universe we would be the only ones out there.


True, we've only had technology for 100 out of our 200,000 years of having reasonably useful brains, that's 0.05%. Think about a race that has had technology for even 50% of the time it's been around. They must have some pretty crazy porn (and technology)


Well I had a debate with a guy in my Earth Sciences and Astronomy class.The existence of aliens is very very plausible but their arrival to earth is IMO not possible.AS far as I know a particle needs an infinite amount of energy to travel to the speed of light so traveling at that speed is out of question,plus even if they had the ability to travel to the speed of light(LETS SAY NEAR THAT SPEED BECAUSE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS DO NOT ALLOW IT) you would need millions of years to travel from one system,galaxy etc to earth.Its impossible.

The guy I discussed started throwing shit like: they may be able to modify laws of physics etc.I cut him short and left him feeling like shit.One possibility,Its very very very unlikely but I'm trying to look at all possible explanations ,the use of Worm-holes to travel top great distances in a short time.BUT i didn't say this,because the motherfucker was an illogical prick and he would take this theory on the spot and wouldn't accept more arguments.And i seriously hate to lose to illogical motherfuckers :P.


How can there not be in my opinion? Universe is so big I don't think we still fully understand how big it really is. There has to be something out there.

Good topic.


There is a theory that civilizations far more advanced than ours may exist and, because they view us as simplistic, choose not to reveal themselves or communicate with us. Like when a human being walks by an ant.

I forget who proposed this but I was reading about it in the book Hyperspace.


Why would it take millions of years.As far a as I know, Traveling at or near the speed of light would indeed reguire an infinite powere source but the ships mass and everything on it would grow untill it was the size of the universe.


I fully believe they do, and I fully believe that there are more intelligent beings out there as well. As someone else pointed out we've only gotten the technological ball rolling for .05% of our time here. That's insane. I don't think it's out of the question for another civilization to have done more in equal or lesser time, especially if they're a more logical and peaceful people. I mean, Shit, we were still not allowing non whites to eat or drink with whites 50 years ago and we're still starting wars over relatively minor things. As a whole we're pretty dense. I wouldn't be surprised if earth has had visitors, and maybe quite a few. But because of the reasons mentioned earlier their presence had to be undetected 'cause we've proven to be unaccepting of change, to say the least.


That's not true.. Traveling fast doesn't increase the size of an object.


It would require million of years because there are galaxies 10 million light years away from our own,but ur right too :).


it does increase its mass though.