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Alien vs Predator trailer

I liked Event Horizon. Sure it didn’t have the most action, or the scariest subplot. But it was different, apparently someone in hollywood actually tried something different from the usual formula utlized today in most movies.

Funny, some people complain that directors won’t try anything different, then whenever something different hits the screen others bash it.

it’d be cool if they did the original comic book series of AvP.

Hmm… Who would make a good Machiko Noguchi…

Zhang Ziyi. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

For those who don’t know the back-story:

The Predators keep an Alien queen on board certain ships and harvest the eggs. They will then seed planets with the eggs and organize hunting parties. To my recollection, a Predator youth hunts and kills an Alien as a rite of passage (perhaps just one of many) into “adulthood”.

The original series was based on the Predators seeding a colony inhabited by humans. In the midst of the fuss, the Alien queens escapes and sets of a hive. Twas’ a big mess. Only one person walked out, Machiko Noguchi. Ultimately she pairs with an grizzled old veteran Predator and helps tidy up the situation. If there is was a comic book T-Vixen queen, she was it.

I still have the original comics in a box somewhere…

More info on the comics: http://members.iinet.net.au/~jaherne/alienhost/comics/aliensvspredatorcomics.html#collection